Towns on the Gippsland Lakes & 90 Mile Beach

The Gippsland Lakes is the largest inland lake system in Australia. To help protect this amazing lakes system the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park was established in 1979 and covers the area all the way from Seaspray in the south to Lakes Entrance in the north. There are 5 major towns in the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park on the banks of the lakes and ocean. The towns of Lakes Entrance, Metung, Paynesville, Loch Sport and Seaspray are extremely popular summer destinations for things to do in Gippsland.

The Gippsland Lakes are a system of lakes and lagoons that are located adjacent to the Tasman Sea and the 90-Mile Beach on the Gippsland coast. The Latrobe River, Avon River, Nicholson River, Tambo River, Mitchell River, Macalister River and Thomson River all empty into the Gippsland Lakes.


Seaspray is a small coastal community on 90 Mile Beach. The town features the Seaspray Caravan Park, a general store and the Seaspray Surf Club. The rest of the town is a mix of local and holiday houses. The Seaspray Caravan Park is often packed out over the summer months. The Seaspray Beach and Merrimans Creek are where most of the summer fun is had in the waters of the Gippsland coast.

A drone view of Seapray looking along the 90 mile beach
Ariel view of Seaspray

The Seaspray Beach is patrolled by lifeguards in the summer months due to the area being so popular with holidaymakers. Not only a swimming beach the Seaspray Beach and creek is popular for surf fishing where salmon is regularly caught. For the more experienced fishermen, sharks are what they come to the Seaspray area for.

You can get to Seaspray via the South Gippsland Highway from either Sale or Yarram.

Places to eat in Seaspray

Your choice of places to eat in Seaspray is limited to the local corner store/fish n chip shop or the Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club. You can check the current menu for The Waves Bistro and Sandbar at the Seaspray Surf Life Saving club HERE

Where to have a BBQ in Seaspray

There are plenty of places to enjoy a BBQ in Seaspray. The best place for a BBQ in Seaspray would be along the foreshore. There are plenty of BBQ areas and seating for everyone, and the BBQs are free to use.

Seaspray accommodation

Seaspray accommodation is limited to apartments. There is also a caravan park but places fill up quickly especially in the summer months. To use the caravan park you will need your own caravan, tent or camper trailer. There are some limited cabins for hire at the Seaspray caravan park as well.

In between Seaspray and Golden Beach, heading towards Loch Sport on Shoreline Drive, you will find access to the Trinculo Ship Wreck. The Trinculo was wrecked on the sands of the 90-Mile Beach in May 1879. Today, all the can still be seen are parts of the Hull sticking out of the sand.

The endless sands of the 90 mile beach
90 Mile Beach


Loch Sport borders both the 90-Mile Beach and the Gippsland Lakes. Well, certainly the Gippsland Lakes with the 90-Mile Beach being 1.5 kilometres out of town.  Loch Sport is an ever-growing town on the Gippsland Lakes. Loch Sport is popular for boating and the Loch Sport Mariner is a focal part of the town.

Recently, new jetties have been built on the Gippsland Lakes side for fishing and for mooring cruising vessels. Loch Sport has a handful of shops including a General Store, the Mariner bar and bistro and a fish ‘n’ chip shop. There are plenty of BBQ areas and parks along the foreshore that are fantastic to bring your own lunch and have a picnic.

At the end of town, you will find the Lakes National Park, where you can continue onto more swimming and fishing spots. Sperm Whale head is a good destination where you might also find a kangaroo or two. Don’t forget a trip to the local mini-golf with the kids. They will love it!

You can get to Seaspray via the South Gippsland Highway from either Sale or Yarram.

Places to eat in Loch Sport:

There are limited options in Loch Sport to eat. The best option for a full meal would be The Marina Hotel Bar and Bistro. On the foreshore, you will find Lodge coffee and takeaway, with FoodWorks next door. Loch Sport takeaway and the Mini Golf Cafe are also popular options.

Where to have a BBQ in Loch Sport

Another great place to have a BBQ on your day trip to Loch Sport is along the foreshore. At Lion’s Park, there is a playground and a skate park if you are travelling in Gippsland with kids. The BBQ areas are shaded and there is plenty of seating.

Loch Sport Accommodation

Use this great interactive map below to book your stay in Loch Sport


Paynesville is located on the Gippsland Lakes. The second-biggest town on the lakes with a population of 3480 people. Paynesville is closely located to Raymond Island, Eagle Point and Newlands Arms. These 3 other locations are located anywhere from a few hundred meters away to 5 kilometres away. Paynesville is home to the biggest yacht club on the Gippsland Lakes.

Paynesville on the Gippsland Lakes
Paynesville Marina

Another amazing reason to visit Paynesville is to visit Raymond Island. A ferry arrives and departs from Raymond island every 20 minutes during the daylight hours and it is free for foot traffic to use the ferry. We highly recommend you take the ferry to Raymond Island and do the Koala walk.

You will see Koalas in their native habitat and the walk is very easy for young kids. It is fantastic to see the looks on the kid’s faces when they spot the koalas. This has to be one of the best free things to do in Gippsland on your holiday on the Gippsland Lakes.

Where to eat in Paynesville:

There is a huge amount of options for places to eat in Paynesville. You have everything from fine dining to pubs, cafés and bakeries. Sardine Dining in Paynesville is one of the highest-rated places to eat in all of Gippsland. You can check TRIP ADVISOR for more information.

Where to have a BBQ in Paynesville:

You find multiple BBQ picnic areas along the foreshore. A sandy beach section is popular for families with kids for a paddle on a hot day. Swimming in the shallow sandy bottom calm waters is great fun for young ones.

You will find plenty of BBQs and picnic tables along the foreshore area. If you catch the Raymond Island Ferry, you will find a BBQ area and playground just a few meters from where the ferry docks.

Paynesville accommodation

There are so many options of places to stay in Paynesville from hotels to retreats. There is something for every budget in Paynesville.

Find all your Paynesville Accommodation options HERE

You can get to Paynesville by turning off the Princes Highway at Bairnsdale.


Metung is the boutique village of the Gippsland Lakes. Metung has a small town centre built around a grassy town square. The major focal point of Metung is the Metung Hotel.

The Metung Hotel is famous for its outdoor eating/drinking area that sits over the water on the Gippsland Lakes. It’s a great place to sit, eat and drink on a nice sunny day. Metung has many 4 and 5-star accommodation options for the visitor that make the trip to the town. Metung has a Yacht Club and Lawn Bowls Club.

Metung is popular for boating, fishing and eating. There is a great boardwalk that runs along the water’s edge that is great for stroll or fishing.

Places to eat in Metung:

The Metung Pub has a vast and I would say pretty expensive menu to choose from. The Metung Pub is the most popular venue in town, with great waterfront views.

people enjoying food on the jetty at the Metung Pub
Gippsland Photoshoot | April 2019

You will find Nautica Restaurant & Bar also has a takeaway fish n chips section serving the freshest fish from the Gippsland Lakes. The Metung bakery sells a range of pies, cakes and rolls, but its real treat is the Vietnamese food the owners make onsite such as Bahn Mi and rice paper rolls

Where to have a BBQ in Metung

A great place to have a BBQ in Metung is at Paterson Park. There you will find free BBQs and toilets. If you have kids with you, there is also a playground and small water park the kids can cool down in.

Metung Accommodation

While there is a lot of accommodation options in Metung many of the options are luxury. Bed and breakfast type places and luxury hotels are the most available.

Find all your Metung Accommodation options HERE

To get to Metung turn off the Princes Highway at Swan Reach which is located between Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance


Lakes Entrance is the capital of the Gippsland Lakes, with a summer population swelling to around 40,000 people. Swimming and Fishing in Lakes Entrance are popular Gippsland summer activities. The 90-Mile Beach Lakes Entrance is popular for surf fishing and swimming, while the jetties of the north arm are great for anglers. Eastern Beach is a great destination close to town but away from crowds for surf fishing. The NRMA Eastern Beach holiday park is only a few hundred meters from Eastern Beach on the Gippsland coast

Lakes Entrance has a variety of restaurants and accommodation from caravan parks to resorts. There is mini-golf, cinema, skate park and paddle boats for families.

Lakes Entrance on the Gippsland Lakes Australia
The Esplanade in Lakes Entrance

You can go on boat cruises on the Gippsland Lakes or hire a put-put boat. For any golfers out there Lakes Entrance Golf Course is one of the best in the region with Gippsland coast views..

There is an amazing boardwalk that stretches the length of the esplanade that is great for walking and bike riding. The path stretches from the North Arm to Eastern Beach.

Where to eat in Lakes Entrance:

Lakes Entrance has a number of clubs and pubs to choose from. The local Lakes Entrance RSL on the Esplanade serves both Australian and Asian cuisine at a great price. The Bowls Club and Gold Club both have a big venue in the centre of town serving good food.

You will find the usual fast food outlets such as McDonald’s, KFC and Subway available. Miriam’s Seafood Restaurant is popular for trying the local fish from the Gippsland Lakes. Albert & Co is a highly rated restaurant in the main street. Open all day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner

Where to have a BBQ in Lakes Entrance

The North Arm Park as you enter Lakes from the Melbourne side. The Park has a playground, picnic tables and BBQ’s (both undercover and exposed) The park features a basketball court and an in-ground trampoline along with favourites such as swings and climbing equipment.

Lakes Entrance accommodation

Whatever sort of accommodation you are looking for, Lakes Entrance has some of the best facilities in Gippsland for holidaymakers. You can find luxury accommodation in Lakes Entrance and you can find tent sites in Lakes Entrance. No matter what you are looking for on your travels in Gippsland Lakes is guaranteed to have it.

For all your Lakes Entrance accommodation, click HERE

Lakes Entrance is located on the Princes Highway, 330 kilometres from Melbourne

Gippsland Lakes Weather

The weather on the Gippsland Lakes at Lakes Entrance has an average high of 23.7 degrees in February and a low of 14,6 degrees in July. The weather in Lakes Entrance has a daily high temperature of 43.6 degrees in February and a low daily average of 5.6 degrees in July.

During the summer months, the towns on the Gippsland Lakes come alive. They are busy with holidaymakers and tourists from all over the world. If you prefer a quieter time you can always visit the towns on the Gippsland Lakes in the cooler months to enjoy them as well.

Whenever you visit Gippsland your Travels in Gippsland will be unforgettable. If you are looking for some more Travel in Gippsland ideas click through to our Gippsland Lakes page for more epic ideas!

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