Fishing at Lake Wellington

Fishing at Lake Wellington

Lake Wellington is the largest lake in the Gippsland Lakes system. With its shallow waters and sandy bottom it is not only a perfect spot for a swim on a hot day, it is a brilliant spot for fishing in Gippsland.

The shores and the larger area around Lake Wellington are underdeveloped, with little accommodation of any sort available which makes it the perfect spot to pull up a camp chair, pick a nice, isolated spot and enjoy a day of fishing in Lake Wellington.

There are sine birds sitting on a dry log in Lake Wellington. It is a cloudy day and the reeds on the bank are dry

Lake Wellington is the largest of the three inland lakes that also include Lake King and Lake Victoria. Lake Wellington receives freshwater from the Latrobe, Thomson and Macalister rivers in the west and the Avon River in the north.

Boating at Lake Wellington

While freshwater is coming into the lake on a regular basis, Lake Wellington is only recommended for shallow bottomed vessels due to the shallow depth of water. If you are planning to boat or jet-ski on Lake Wellington your journey across the lake is well defined with markers as is the entrance to the Latrobe River and the Avon river

The sun is shining down on the calm waters of Lake Wellington. Fishing at Lake Wellington is a great way to spend the day. There us a swimming pontoon out in the water too

Where is the best place to launch my boat?

Lake Wellington is best accessed via Marley Point which lies 22km from Sale in Gippsland. At Marlay Point, you will find one of the many free camping in Gippsland sites, a sandy bank and a jetty to fish Lake Wellington. A boat ramp at Marley Point allows great access to the lake and the river that flows into it.

On the east side of Lake Wellington, you will Roseneath Caravan Park. The Caravan park is accessed by the Mclennan Straights Road from Clydebank. You can fish from the bank or launch your boat at Hollands Landing boat ramp and bring it around to be moored at Roseneath caravan park.

You find some rough and rugged roads that access the lake from different sides. Most of these tracks will require you to have 4wd.

You  need all the best gear when you are fishing at Lake Wellington in Gippsland. There are some gloves, a fishing tackle box and a fishing rod in this picture.

For those with boats in Lake Wellington, it allows you to move into the McLennan straights or the Avon River for fishing. You find good catches of bream in both areas.

What fish will I catch in Lake Wellington?

Fishing in Lake Wellington itself will most likely land you Carp or Bream. I have seen Carp above 50 cm caught in Lake Wellington. You are very unlikely to catch Bream from the banks of Lake Wellington. I witnessed an old Italian gentlemen fishing this way and he had over 15, 50 cm plus Carp in the crill net.

The best bet if fishing from the banks is to use a surf rod kit and walk around 100 meters out into the lake (water should only be around 1 metre deep) and cast out as far as possible. This will maximise your chance for catching the big fish in Lake Wellington.

What bait should I use to fish in Lake Wellington?

The best bait for Lake Wellington fishing is worms for bream and carp or bread and corn for Carp. I suggest if you just want to catch a fish while enjoying the area go after the Carp.

2 pelicans are bobbing around an old jetty on Lake Wellington. I bet they are doing some fishing at Lake Wellington

Carp will put up a good fight. Every one caught and killed is one less in the Gippsland Lakes System.

What if I catch a Carp?

Carp are an introduced, noxious species that have taken over our waterways. If you catch a carp in Lake Wellington and even if you catch one anywhere else it is advised that you do not release it back into the water if you do not plan on eating it.

It is actually against the Biosecurity Act of 2014 to release them back into the waterway. You are instructed to humanely kill the fish and dispose of it well away from the water.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in Victoria?

Everyone who goes fishing in Victoria needs a fishing licence. Fisheries officers regularly patrol the Gippsland Lakes checking if anglers have a licence. Victorian recreational fishing licences cost and are valid for:

  • 3-day licence for $10;
  • 28-day licence for $21.20;
  • 1-year licence for $37.20 ($34.95 if purchased online);
  • 3-year licence for $100.70 ($95.40 if purchased online).

You can purchase your RFL online and save a few cents for bait!

What is the nearest town for essentials to Lake Wellington?

There are two main towns that are close to Lake Wellington and it will depend on where you are coming from as to which town you will go through or be close to.

Sale, Victoria

Sale Victoria Australia is approximately 217km from Melbourne via the M1 and is one of the larger towns in the East Gippsland area. Lake Wellington is roughly 22km from the Sale town centre.

Essential services in Sale Victoria

  • Hospital with emergency department (Australian emergency number is 000)
  • Police Station
  • Supermarkets (Woolworths, Aldi, Coles, IGA)
  • ATM’s
  • Numerous petrol stations
  • Chemist
  • Fast food outlets and local pubs
  • Accommodation

You stop in Sale for anything you may need on your way through. There is more than enough parking for a car towing a boat in Sale.

Stratford, Victoria

Stratford Victoria is a small country town about 230 km from Melbourne via the M1 and approximately 52km from Bairnsdale also on the M1. Stratford is around 25kn from Lake Wellington.

Essential services in Stratford Victoria

  • IGA supermarket
  • 1 petrol station
  • ATM
  • Local fast food and a pub
  • Chemist
  • Police Station

There is also a medical centre in Stratford but it does not have an emergency department. The nearest emergency department is at the Sale Hospital.

Can I camp at Lake Wellington?

Free Camping at Marley Point on Lake Wellington is available and paid camping at Roseneath Caravan Park on the east bank.

If camping is not your thing

Camping is not for everyone or you may need more time in the area. Air BnB is a great way to have a home away from home. Most places you stay in have all the mod cons from home and allow you a little more of the creature comforts. Below are some properties that are offered in Gippsland.

Don’t forget you need a fishing licence to fish in Lake Wellington. You can pick these up from most fishing and bait shops in the Gippsland region on your Travels in Gippsland. BCF has a wide range of fishing gear that can be bought online prior to your fishing adventure. BCF has Gippsland stores in Bairnsdale and Traralgon. Locally you can call into Tackle World in Sale.

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Fishing in Seaspray

Fishing in Seaspray

For many people, an afternoon out fishing or even a weekend away to relax and cast a line is the best thing in the world. Fishing in Seaspray can be one of the best spots for a weekend away or an afternoon catching your fresh dinner. There are plenty of options for you to consider when you make a trip to Seaspray.

Where is Seaspray?

Seaspray is a seaside coastal town in East Gippsland. The main part of the town is located right next to the 90-mile beach with perfect fishing conditions for all anglers.

If you head towards Sale in Gippsland along the M1 Seaspray is approximately 2 h 41 min  or232.4 km east of Melbourne. At the first roundabout in Sale coming from Melbourne direction (turn right)

If you are coming from Bairnsdale direction on the Princess Highway head onto the road for the South Gippsland Highway. Continue to Longford and follow the signs to Seaspray.

Where can you go beach fishing in Seaspray?

Many people head to Seaspray for beach fishing. Fishing along the 90-mile beach is something that many will enjoy. Most days with good weather you will see many an angler carting their tools along the beach to the perfect spot.

If you are looking for a little less populated place there are many spots between Seaspray and Golden Beach where you may be lucky enough to have the beach fishing all to yourself.

Some spots to try fishuing out of Seapsray are

Flamingo Beach

Delray Beach

Glomar Beach

Honeysuckles Beach

Can you go freshwater fishing in Seaspray?

fishing jetty on the Merrimans Creek at Seaspray in Gippsland Australia
The jetty at Merrimans Creek

Merrimans Creek at Seaspray is a freshwater creek that runs into the 90-mile beach. You can do a spot of freshwater fishing here and it is a great spot for the kids to go fishing in Seaspray.

From time to time the creek will break through into the ocean. This happens a few times a year and is good for the health of the creek as the weed gets a chance to be washed out.

Fishing pro-tip for Merriman’s Creek:

If the creek is not open to the ocean, walk around the other side of the creek (opposite to the wharf). The water is deeper on that side and yields more fish.

Facilities for fishing at Seaspray

There is a fishing jetty at Seaspray. A picnic and bbq area is located adjacent to the wharf. You can also access the 90 Mile Beach which is 100 meters away. There is plenty of sandy shallow areas around the river for the kids to play while you fish.

bream at seaspray

Type of fish are caught in Seaspray?

It will depend on the weather and the type of bait you are using but the most common fish caught in Seaspray are

  • Black Bream
  • Flounder
  • Yellow Eye Mullet
  • Australian Salmon
  • Luderick

What bait should I use when fishing in Seaspray?

Many people who have a lot of experience with fishing will have a bait they always prefer to use, For any inexperienced fisherman they can pick up some bait at a fishing store or from the general store in Seaspray.

  • Prawns
  • Pippies
  • Soft plastics
  • Sand worm
  • Spider crab

What facilities are in Seaspray for visitors

In Seaspray there is one shop to speak of that sells most things. The general store sells, bait, food, newspapers, groceries, fish n chips and acts as the local post office. You will find Seaspray Caravan Park and the surf lifesaving club. The Seaspray Surf Lifesaving club serves meals and drinks all year round.

In Seaspray there is one shop to speak of that sells most things. The general store sells, bait, food, newspapers, groceries, fish n chips and acts as the local post office. You will find Seaspray Caravan Park and the surf lifesaving club. The Seaspray Surf Lifesaving club serves meals and drinks all year round.

Do you need some accommodation in Seaspray?

Not only is Seaspray a fisherman’s dream it is also a brilliant family friendly getaway in any month of the year. You can holiday in Seaspray and enjoy some family time and a spot of fishing in Seaspray as well.

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