Skiing with kids in Gippsland

Skiing with kids in Gippsland

Family skiing holidays in the Victorian Snowfields are becoming more popular every year. Kids are becoming just as competent on their ski’s as their parents and they are loving the snow holidays Gippsland has to offer. Skiing with kids in Gippsland is the perfect way for any level of skier to enjoy a weekend at the snow, especially with the kids in tow!

Where can I go skiing with kids in Gippsland?

Snow holidays Victoria can be taken at any of the 5 resorts in the state. Snow Resorts in Victoria number 5. They are Mount Buller, Mount Baw Baw, Dinner Plain, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek.

Let us take a look at some of the family-friendly programs for kids that run at the 3 downhill snow resorts in Victoria

Mount Hotham with kids

Mount Hotham in the east Victorian snowfields caters to families with its programs for all age groups. Mt Hotham kids ski and ride schools encourage a social environment and interaction with its participants.

Mount Hotham Australia
By Giggy – Own work, CC BY 2.0,

What does Mount Hotham offer families?

  • Mighty Mights 3-5-year-olds
  • Kids club for 6-14-year-olds for skiing
  • Kids club 7-14 for year-olds snowboarding
  • Kids learn to ski and ride 6-14 years old with no experience
  • Burton Riglet for 3-6-year-olds snowboarding

The Burton Riglet program is impressive for families if you have young children. Getting kids on a snowboard early in age is great for their future progression in the snow.

For more information, you look at the Mount Hotham website here!

Where is Mount Hotham?

Mount Hotham is between 375 and 456 kilometres from Melbourne depending on which way you go. You can take the Hume Highway and the Great Alpine Road or you can take the M1 Princes Highway and Great Alpine Road. One is North and one is east.

Mount Hotham accommodation

You have so much to chose from when you stay at Mount Hotham. There is everything from budget accommodation to luxury.

Mount Baw Baw for kids

Mount Baw Baw has the lowest elevation of any of the downhill resorts in Victoria. What it lacks in height it makes up for in facilities. Baw like the other resorts caters well for a family skiing holiday in Victoria.

Mount Baw Bar skiing with kids in Gippsland
By Alex Cohen – Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0,

What does Mt Baw Baw offer skiing families?

  • Rowdy Rippers aged 3-6
  • Gully’s Groms aged 3-6 snowboards
  • Frosty Kids aged 7-12
  • Teen Program aged 13 – 17

Mount Baw Baw kids ski programs offer small groups only. the size is limited daily so get in early and book your lessons. Small groups are great for getting a more personalized lesson and instructions for your kids in the Victorian snowfields.

For more information, you can access the Mount Baw Baw website here

Where is Mount Baw Baw?

Mt Baw Baw is a short 1-hour drive from the heart of Gippsland, 2 1/2 hours from Melbourne and 3 hours from the Mornington Peninsula. Plan ahead and drive safely.

Family friendly accommodation at Mount Baw Baw

There are plenty of places for families at Mount Baw Baw. Find your perfect Mount Baw Baw accommodation below.

Dinner Plain with kids

fin in the snow at Dinner Plain

Dinner Plains history stretches back well over a century to when the stagecoach that crossed the mountains would stop here for lunch, thus the name Dinner Plain. Today Dinner Plain is a popular 365 day a year destination with a wide range of activities. The town has over 200 chalets and lodges plus shops, pubs and restaurants. In the summer months, activities such as bushwalking, horse riding, mountain biking and tennis are popular with visitors.

What does Dinner Plain offer skiing families?

  • Dinner Plain has combined Adult/Child beginners lessons.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays commencing at 10.00 am
  • 1-day Dinner Plain lift pass, 2-hour ski lesson
  • For kids-only lessons, check out the Mighty Mites and Kids Club programs at Big D at Hotham.

The all-year-round tubing park that is highly popular with kids and adults alike. For the more advanced you can take a trip 20 minutes up the road to Mt Hotham one of Australia’s premier ski destinations. For more information check out the Dinner Plain website here

Where is Dinner Plain?

Dinner Plain is located next to Mount Hotham in the high plains. Dinner Plain is a beautiful snow village that comes alive in the winter months.

Dinner Plain accommodation for families

When at Dinner Plain we can highly recommend Ramada Resort. It is your all in accommodation destination for winter and summer. For more information click here

For more accommodation option in Dinner Plain check the responsive map below

When does the ski season start in Gippsland?

The Victoria snow season starts at different times at all the resorts depending on how much snow has fallen. Opening day of the Victoria snow season is usually very close to the first day of winter. Snow Holidays Victoria can usually be taken up to the end of September.

Snow day trip from Melbourne and any other region of the state are possible. All the Resorts are in the North East Of Victoria. Your cars will need to be fitted with snow chains to get there.

What do I need to keep warm at the snow in Gippsland?

Before you head to the snow make sure you are well prepared. You will need to buy a snow jacket, gloves, waterproof pants, thermals and a beanie at the least. If you don’t have the right clothing you will have a cold and miserable day.

We hope this has inspired you to take a family holiday to the Victorian Snow Fields. The snow resorts in Victoria are easily accessible by car from Melbourne and other locations. Be prepared for the snow and enjoy your time.

A ski trip in Gippsland is an awesome way to see the area and an epic addition to your Travels in Gippsland We hope you enjoyed this article, you can find more of the best of Gippsland on our Sports in Gippsland page.

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Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. “I think I know a thing or 2 about Gippsland”. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids

Places to ride your horse Wellington Shire Gippsland

Places to ride your horse Wellington Shire Gippsland

For some people taking their horse out on the weekend for a free ride is the best way to see local places around them and enjoy a day out as well. Here in Gippsland, we have so many beautiful trail rides for horse and their riders. Places to ride your horse in Wellington Shire Gippsland are diverse and beautiful.

Horse riding in Gippsland

There are so many special places to horse ride in Wellington Shire from beach rides to bush rides. There are even some places that are fully dedicated to horse enthusiast as they are also used by local pony clubs during their meets. In this post we will cover all of those so you can pick the best place to go horse riding in Gippsland.

A white horse with a brown halter walks through the grass with mist behind it.

Beach locations for horse riding in Gippsland

There are so many epic scenes of people horse riding on the beach on the back of their favourite horse and there are places in the Wellington Shire where you can do that too.

One thing about horse riding on the beach is it is a great work out for the horse and a great way to have a swim too on a hot day. Just remember to respect any landowners around the area and don’t go into places that you are not allowed or invited into.

Seaspray & McGauren’s Beach

There is some horse access to Seaspray but it is only South-West of Merrimens Creek. It can be tricky to access unless you know someone with property adjoining to the beach. If you do cross at the creek, be sure to clean up all manure from the car park and avoid busy times, Locals can be less than friendly to horse riders crossing the creek.

A young girl horse riding in Gippsland on a beach. The brown horse is looking out towards the ocean and the rider is too. It is nice and calm on the beach

We love the beach. It is great fun cantering the horses along in the heavy sand, the kids enjoy playing on the hummocks. Getting horses used to the ocean can be tricky. We always recommend taking an experienced horse as it makes getting new horses into the ocean easier.

Tips for beach horse riding in Gippsland

I would recommend using McGaurens Beach, access via Gifford road and onto McGaurens beach road. This is more user-friendly.

You do need to be aware of the possibility of quicksand, especially on some of the tracks behind the sand dunes.

Bush locations for horse riding in Gippsland

If listening to the waves crash while you ride your horse in Gippsland or your horse is not a beach lover you may find the perfect place in the bush. Bush horse riding in Gippsland is amazing. You will find horse riding for beginners in Gippsland and even for the expert rider too.

The Pines plantation in Longford Gippsland

We love Gippsland trail riding in the pines. Longford is easy to access and there is a nice long blowout hill that we use regularly. We enter via the Archery Rd off Longford – Rosedale Rd and park behind the trees opposite the white fence. Others park at the base of the blowout hill.

There are 5 children enjoying a horse ride in Gippsland through the pine plantations. They are all on different coloured horses and the picture is taken from someone also on a horse. You can see the picture taken over the horses ears

Longford Pines is mainly made up of square blocks, so you can ride for as little as half an hour or for hours. You do need to be aware of where is being logged and steer clear of the area and the roads the trucks are using. Bike tracks are fun to explore with the kids.

Top tips for horse riding in the Longford Pine Plantations

Motorbike riders also use the pines and have created some handy tracks through the centre of some of the blocks.

The main tracks are all gravel, with some blue stone in places. Though you can usually ride to the side of the track or find bike tracks and half block tracks which are usually sandy.

The Knob Reserve Stratford

The Knob Reserve Stratford is home to the Stratford Pony Club and is a favourite spot for dog walkers, walkers, Joggers and horse riders. There is a gravel road that circles most of the knob which is great for an easy horse ride or a good gallop. There is also a dirt track up the middle that is great for all levels.

A young girls taking her horse for a ride through the Aussie bush and jumping over a low lying red and white jump. The horse has it's front legs up and the girl is leaning forward

Horse riding facilities at the Knob Reserve Stratford

Horse riding at the Knob Reserve Stratford is fantastic. For riders, there are a range of cross country jumps from Grade 5 (50cm) up to Grade 2 (95cm) Up the top of the grounds at the Pony Club area there is also 2 menage’s, 1 is a 20mx40m post and rail fenced arena, which is free to use.

The other menage is 60mx20m which can be hired off the Stratford Pony Club. If jumping is not your forte, you can enjoy a leisurely ride around the grounds.

Other facilities at the Knob Reserve Stratford

Most of the other facilities you will find down the bottom of the Knob Reserve near the old footy oval.

Undercover seating

Open wood fire

Tie up station


Open seating areas

For walkers, there is also a lookout overlooking the Avon River and farmland. There is no access to this area with horses as it is an important historical gathering site for the local Gunaikurnai people and must be protected.

Briagolong Red Gum Reserve

The Briagolong Recreation Reserve adjoins the Red Gum Reserve and is a great place for a bush horse ride in Gippsland. There are a few kilometres of dirt tracks you can ride through the reserve that cater to all expereince levels.

There are also a range of cross country jumps here to play on as well, including a ditch jump. These are all grouped together up the hill above the menage. There is also a 60mx20m fenced sand arena to ride on also and some basic yards.

If you would like to know more about what is at the Briagolong Red Gum Reserve have a look at the Red Gum Reserve Facebook page

Bush and beach horse rides in Gippsland

If you like a little bit of water on your ride and then a good gallop through the bush then this one may be for you. All experience levels are catered for and it may be the best way to train your horse to love the water as well without it being an overload for it.

Roseneath Caravan Park

Roseneath is on the far side of Lake Wellington off the road into Hollands Landing. There used to be access to the lake at the end of the road, but now access is only through the caravan park. This would be a great place to stay in Gippsland to horse ride if you are looking for an overnight stay.

Horse riding facilities at Roseneath caravan park

There is a paddock available for horses to graze in. You can build your own yards inside the paddock also. There are bush tracks to ride along as well as a 2km strip of sand along the edge of the water. The water is nice and shallow for the kids to play in or if you go out far enough you can swim the horses.

Roseneath Caravan Park Website

A golden coloured horse making a turn with a rider on the top. You can see the green grass and some mountains behind them.

Is there a horse riding experience in Gippsland?

If you do not have your own horse or you are unable to transport your horse there are some places that you can go to and have a horse riding experience. These are normally fanmtsatic for a weekend getaway in Gipplsand or a treat for the younger ones of the family who have always wanted to experiebce horse riding.

Coonawarra Trail Rides

At the Coonawarra Trail rides you can go on a 1 hour ride all the way up to an overnight horse ride. Everything is organised for you and you will be taken into the bush on horseback with an experienced guide.

Address for the Coonawarra trail rides is 3545 Bairnsdale-Dargo Rd, Glenaladale VIC 3864

Ryders Horse riding tours

The experienced guides at the Ryders horse riding tours will take you for a magical ride through the Bunyip State forest.

Address for the Ryders horse riding tours is 350 Forest Rd, Labertouche VIC 3816

Where are some trail riding groups in Gippsland I can join?

The best way to see the different places in Gippsland where you can ride your horse is to join a local Trail Riding Club. These Gippsland based clubs who usually run a ride each month in a different location are a fantastic way to meet new people and discover a new place for horse riding in Gippsland. We are lucky in Gippsland as we have a few clubs to choose from in the area.

We are lucky in Gippsland as we have a few clubs to choose from in the area. You can contact the horse riding club in Gippsland and see when their next ride is.

Rosedale Heritage Trail Riding Club

Toongabbie Trail Riding Club

Tambo Upper Trail Riding Club.

Rosedale heritage trail riding club also runs a yearly fundraising trail ride, previously it has been from Port Albert to Rosedale. Visitors are welcome.

Is there a cost to join a trail riding club?

There is a small cost to join the Australia Trail Horse Riding Association. Their early membership is $100 or you can purchase a day membership for around $15. There are sometimes extra costs per ride, which may include lunches and camping etc

Protective gear worth considering when horse riding

Make sure you have the appropriate safety gear when out horse riding. Accidents do happen, horses can sometimes rear up and shy away causing riders to fall. Here is a list of some safety equipment worth considering

Horse riding helmet

Protecting your head is the most import thing. make sure you get a well-fitted helmet that does up tightly. Browse helmets > Here <

Horse riding boots

Your selection will need a one-inch heel to prevent your foot sliding through the stirrup and getting caught.

Safety stirrups 

Use these safety cages on your stirrups to prevent a foot from getting caught up the stirrup in the case of a fall.

Horse riding gloves 

You’ll have a better grip on the reins and most importantly it will protect your hands from rein burns and blisters. Buy gloves > HERE <

Sports in Gippsland like horse riding are very important. There are many great places to ride your horse in Gippsland and on your travels in Gippsland you will see many people out enjoying a ride. We have only covered a handful of locations in a small area of Gippsland here. We would love to hear any more suggestions for more Gippsland locations for horse riding.

Our good friend Cat Mowbray wrote this of this article for us here at Travels in Gippsland from her extensive knowledge for horse riding in the Wellington Shire. We just added some padding to it. Thanks, Cat for your brilliant insider knowledge!

We hope you liked this article from Travels in Gippsland. Please find 2 more article’s that we hope will inspire a visit to Gippsland or more Gippsland exploring.

Some more travel inspiration for your trip to Gippsland

About the Author

Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. “I think I know a thing or 2 about Gippsland”. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids

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5 of the best Gippsland Golf Courses

5 of the best Gippsland Golf Courses

Golf is a sport close to my heart here at Travels in Gippsland. I spent a large part of my youth, late 30s and early 40’s swinging the big stick at a little white ball on the Golf Courses in Gippsland Australia. Gippsland Golf Courses pose some amazing challenges for golfers of all abilities, from your weekend hacker to your serious competitive player, there is a course for everyone to enjoy.

Due to the popularity of the game, you can find a competition every day of the week somewhere in Gippsland for you to play golf in and challenge your skills. You can go with some mates or at times you can join a group at the course on the day. Today we are going to have a look at 5 of my favourite Gippsland Golf Course.

To say I was spoiled for choice was an understatement. You could find me anywhere within a few hours for a round of golf with a couple of mates either on the weekend or in the summer months after work.

Maffra Golf Course

The Maffra gold course is a par 72 course with your typical layout of 4 par three’s, 4 par fives and 10 par fours on the course. Maffra golf course will provide a challenge to golfers of any ability. Ideally, it is suited to right-handers who draw the ball.

The 13th hole is ranked the hardest hole on the course and requires a very accurate tee shot to give you any chance of a par. For me, the Maffra golf course is one of the best country golf courses Victoria has to offer but I am biased. Maffra is my home town,

Where is the Maffra golf course located?

The address you will need for the Maffra Golf course is Fultons Road, Maffra.

Can I contact Maffra golf club?

The Maffra golf club website is and the contact Maffra golf club phone number is 03 5147 1884

Playing golf in Gippsland at Maffra Golf Club
Maffra Golf Club from
Photo courtesy of Maffra Golf Club Website

Standout hole at the Maffra Golf Club 

For me, the standout Par 4 is the third hole. A short dogleg to the left protected from tee to green by a channel down one side with a bunker on the dig leg corner. A long iron or short wood will put most golfers in a great spot for an approach to the smallish green ringed on one side with bunkers. A good drive should see you hitting anything from a 7 iron to pitching wedge into the green.

Additional information about the Maffra golf course 

Maffra Golf Club is known to have some of the best greens on the Gippsland side of Melbourne. RV and caravan parking is available at the back of the clubhouse for a small fee.

Weekly competition days

There are plenty of competition days at the Maffra golf club. Visitors are always welcome and if you haven’t got your clubs there are some at the clubhouse to hire.

MenWednesdayMembers – $10 Visitors – $20
LadiesThursdayMembers – $8 Visitors – $15
Men and LadiesSaturdayMembers – $10 Visitors – $20
Men and LadiesSundayMembers – $8 Visitors – $15
Seniors EventMembers & Visitors – $8

*The Maffra Golf Club seniors event is held on the 1st Tuesday of the month

Sale Golf Course

Sale Golf Club is a par 70 layout. You will find 4 par three’s, 2 par fives and 12 par fours to challenge you.

Where is the Sale golf course located?

Rosedale – Longford Road, Longford

Can I contact the Sale golf club?

The Sale golf club website is and the contact Sale golf club phone number is 03 5149 7293

Par 3, 6th at Sale Golf Club
The 6th Hole Sale Golf Club
Golfing in Gippsland at Sale Golf Course
One of Gippsland Golfs finest

Standout hole at the Sale golf course 

The par 3 sixth hole measuring a healthy 167 meters off the back blocks provides a massive challenge for those that don’t hit it straight at the green. On the right side lies a deepish bunker not too far from that bunker lies an out of bounds fence. On the left-handed side, the hole falls away steeply into a grassy ravine. You will be able to play your ball from down there but it provides a challenging chip when you can’t see the flagstick.

Additional information about the Sale golf course

If you are coming to the Sale Golf club from the Melbourne direction it is best to turn off at Rosedale on the Rosedale- Longford road which takes you straight past the course.

Weekly competition days


Where to stay in Sale

If you are travelling around in Gippsland you may find it easier to find a main base for a few days to recuperate. Sale Victoria is a great and central place to stay. You can find many different types of accommodation in Sale for your needs while you are touring the best golf courses in Gippsland.

Bairnsdale Golf Course

Bairnsdale Golf club in East Gippsland is a par 71 course. You will find 4 par three’s, 11 par fours and 3 par 5 on this great Gippsland Golf Course.

Where is the Bairnsdale golf course located?

Paynesville Road, Eagle Point.

Can I contact the Bairnsdale golf club?

The Bairnsdale golf club website is and the Bairnsdale golf club phone number for the Bairnsdale golf club is 0351566252

Bairnsdale golf course
Bairnsdale Golf Course is a real challenge

Standout hole at the Bairnsdale golf course

The best hole at Bairnsdale would have to be the par 5 13th hole. Measuring a gut-busting 503 meters long. A few things to know about this hole are that there is an out of bounds all the way along the right-hand side. If you can get a good drive away down the fairway your eyes will light up with the opportunity of reaching this hole in two.

The last 200 odd meters falls downhill sharply. Protecting fairway and greenside bunkers lie waiting. More than one fool has been caught out going for glory here by putting the ball out of bounds after overswinging. A good birdie chance awaits those who set up the hole with a good second shot.

Additional information about the Bairnsdale golf club

The course is also home to the Bairnsdale Bowls Club for those that like to go hunting for the jack as well as the pin.

Weekly competition days

MenThursday and Saturday
LadiesWednesday and Saturday
MixedTuesday (18 holes and 9 holes) & Sunday
Ladies beginnersgolf over 9 Holes is held on Tuesdays

Where to stay near Bairnsdale golf course

If you need an amazing place to stay in Bairnsdale to enjoy this amazing Victorian golf course there are plenty of options in the link below. Whether you are looking for budget or luxury so you can enjoy the best game of golf in Bairnsdale there will be something perfect for you.

Lakes Entrance Golf Course

The Lakes Entrance Golf Course is a par 72 course. It has a traditional layout of 4 par threes. 4 par fives and 10 par fours.

Where is the Lakes Entrance gold course located?

142 Golf Links Road Lakes Entrance Victoria 

Can I contact the Lakes Entrance golf club?

The Lakes Entrance golf club website is and the Lakes Entrance golf club phone number is 03 5155 2832

Golf club waiting by the tee.
Getting ready to golf

Standout hole at the Lakes Entrance gold course

This was hard there are just so many good holes at Lakes Entrance. For me, the standout hole is the 7th. Its a par 4 monster measuring 418 meters. It’s referred to locally as the Khyber Pass. You tee off from an elevated position with views of the ocean and the sounds of the waves crashing in.

You will need to smash a big drive into a good position down the right-hand side to set up an approach shot. This is where the hole gets difficult. The hole narrows significantly with sand dunes on either side before opening back up around the green. A bad tee shot will require you to draw/hook or fade/slice your second shot into the green. A true test of your golfing skill awaits you here.

Additional information about the Lakes Entrance golf club

Lakes Entrance is the furthermost course East we will feature. It runs alongside the 90 Mile Beach and was once the site of the original entrance where the sea meets the lakes at lakes Entrance which has to make it a very unique Victorian golf course.

Weekly competition days

Ladies & MenSaturday

*The first Sunday of each month will be scheduled a Medley 18 Hole Stableford event at the Lakes Entrance Golf course.

Places to stay in Lakes Entrance

Hopefully, you are able to stay in the amazing town of Lakes Entrance for a few days while you get in some holes of golf. There are so many different types of accommodation in Lakes Entrance that you won’t know where to start! Luckily we have the map below for you.

Yarram Golf Club

Yarram Golf Course is an 18 hole par 72 course. The course is a sandbelt course set in bushland.

Where is the Yarram Golf course located?

42 Golf Links Road, Yarram, Victoria 3971

Can I contact the Yarram golf club?

The Yarram golf club website is and the Yarram golf club phone number is 03 5182 5596

Standout hole at the Yarram golf course

The 10th at Yarram is a 453-meter par 5 downhill with a right-angle dogleg right near the green. You tee off from an elevated position with out-of-bounds running all the way down the left. A good drive to a wide fairway will set you up for 3 things. An easy bar, a great birdie chance or a disaster. You can play this hole easy with a driver, mid-iron and wedge for a par.

You can also play this hole for an easy birdie with a driver mid-iron to the green. To do this you need to hit a blind second shot over the dogleg which contains a water dam. No guts no glory, with a good drive, go for the green here. With a bad drive put your second down to corner and fire at the pin with a wedge from 50-100 and hope to make par.

Additional information about the Yarram golf club

There are 4 caravan sites at the course for golfing nomads. Pull up, stay a few nights and play one of Australia’s premier volunteer-run courses.

The Yarram golf clubhouse is also the home of an original Heesco street art painting. I am sure many of the other country golf courses Victoria has would love a painting like this to draw in more golf players in Gippsland.

First visit to Gippsland, Victoria?

Visit Gippsland today for some of the best golf courses in Victoria. Sport in Gippsland especially golf is a great way to do some exercise. A Gippsland Golf course will provide any level of golfer a real challenge. Why not make some travels in Gippsland weekend of it and stay a night. You could easily play 2 of these courses over a weekend in Gippsland.

Air BnB is great way to stay local when visiting Gippsland.

Travels in Gippsland have a link for a $50 discount if you have never used Air BnB before.

Click here

Please find 2 more articles from Travels in Gippsland below for your reading enjoyment. Just click on the description to read.

Some more travel inspiration for your trip to Gippsland

About the Author

Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. “I think I know a thing or 2 about Gippsland”. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids