Heesco street art in Yarram Victoria

Heesco street art in Yarram Victoria

We are proud Gippslanders. Day trips in Gippsland are what we long for, to see more of our beautiful part of the state of Victoria. From mountains to mighty rivers, pristine beaches and old towns we have it all. We try to visit as many Gippsland towns, festivals, markets and local Gippsland attractions that we possibly can…but street art in Yarram?

As I walked the main street, I never thought I’d be chasing street art in Yarram. But here I was looking for the magnificent street murals painted by Heesco, a world-renown artist. This tiny town in South Gippsland, Yarram, is now a Heesco Town and if you can visit Yarram to see the street art you absolutely should.

Who is Heesco?

Just a little back story on the artist known as Heesco. Heesco was born in Mongolia before immigrating to Australia. It is here that he developed his love for street art. And this is where Yarram has been able to benefit from one man’s love for art. If you have done the New South Wales Silo art trail you have probably seen one of his works. While Yarram has no large silos for artwork there are plenty of walls waiting to be made over.

How do I find the street art murals in Yarram?

We took a day trip to Yarram to see street art. There are 10 street art murals in Yarram that you are able to find. It will depend on the direction you enter Yarram from but we have put them in order if you were visiting Yarram from Traralgon. If you were visiting Yarram from Melbourne you will need to start in Alberton.

We found that some of the street art in Yarram was hard to find so we have put this post together from our experience and hope that it helps you find all and maybe a few extra on your day trip to Yarram for Heesco street art.

The Yarram Golf Club

This may be your first or your last mural (depending on your route through Yarram). You will find this mural after driving up the dirt road towards the Yarram gold club club-house. To the left, as you arrive at the car park is a small concrete water tank. You can park your car here and against the clubhouse, you will find the Gary Player mural.

an painting of golfer gary Player on a outside wall of the Yarram Golf Course

Yarram golf club address

The address you will need for the Golf course Heesco mural is 42 Golf Links Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

The Yarram golf club is located around 5 km’s from the Yarram town centre.

MG Trading (Murray Goulburn Yarram)

This Heesco mural is located on the outer wall that faces out of town. This mural is of a tanker driver and farmer in the area. Its bright colours make it completely unmissable if you are heading into the town of Yarram from the Yarram golf course.

MG Trading Yarram address

The address for the MG Trading store Heesco mural in Yarram is 39 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

The MG Trading store is located just out of the Yarram town limits. If you need petrol this is also a great place to fill up your car.

Brown and Wigg

The Brown and Wigg mural is easily visible from the street and with ample parking out the front you can park your car here to wander the main street of Yarram for the rest of the street artworks located in the town.

Brown and Wigg Yarram address

The address you will need for the Brown and Wigg Yarram store Heesco mural is 191 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

Wynne’s Building

For this street art mural in Yarram, you will have to look up. Located above the rooftops on the old Wynne’s Drapery building you will see the two dolphins playing happily in the waves.

This one I have to admit took us a little longer to find and we weren’t sure if it was a part of the Yarram street art by Heesco.

Wynne’s Drapery building address

The address for the Wynne’s Building Heesco mural is 200 Commercial Road, Yarram VIC 3971

Yarram Bakery

This one was another tricky one to find. You will find the large black and white mural down the alleyway between the two shops. It is very easy to see once you know what you are looking for. This was one of my favourites of the 10 street art murals in Yarram. It focuses on migrants who have come from far and wide to make Australia their home and love it dearly including the local Vietnamese business owner Liem Nguyen and his family.

Yarram Bakery address

The address you will need for the Yarram Bakery Heesco mural 222 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

Top tip for some lunch in Yarram:

If you have spent the day wandering the area and are in need of a bite to eat, The Yarram Bakery is one of the best places in Yarram to eat. Pop in for a delicious jelly slice and a steak pie.

If your Travels in Gippsland need to be more budget-friendly you can pop into the Woolworths supermarket for a cheaper lunch option.

Drakefords Coffee Roasting Yarram

We actually missed this Heesco Mural. The map for Yarram street art was not working at that time and getting the instructions were really hard. We will go back to Yarram and add this one to our list in the next few weeks. This mural is focused on the Mattern family who were pioneers in the hardware industry in the town. Soon it will be starting a new life as the Bean Pedlar with coffee coming here from all over the world.

Drakefords Coffee roasting Yarram address

The address you will need for the Drakefords Heesco mural is 259 Commercial Rd Yarram Victoria 3971

Yarram Beta Home Living (rear of the building)

There are two of the murals at the back of the Beta Home living building in Yarram

  • The first is a mural is of Victoria’s first female park ranger. Kara Moana Healey was made a park ranger of the Tarra Bulga National Park and spent her years gathering specimens from the park, some of which had not been discovered before.
  • The second is a large mural of local native animals. Don’t forget to get a picture of it too!

Beta Electrical Yarram address

The address you will need for the Yarram Beta home living Heesco mural is 262 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971. This is the address for the front of the building.

Top tip for finding the Heesco Street art in Yarram:

You cannot walk through the shop to see them and you will have to walk to the rear of the building to see the murals or drive your car if you are not walking

The Federal Coffee Palace

The Federal Coffee Palace is a huge two-storey building on the corner near the BP service station. This amazing and colourful town mural is dedicated to another local Ralph Vale and his bullock train that was well known in the area. This Heesco town mural is located on the side of the building facing the BP service station.

The Federal Coffee Palace Yarram address

The address for the Coffee Palace in Yarram Heesco mural is 305 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

The Ship Inn

This mural in the Heesco town of Yarram is located approximately 1.5km’s from the Yarram town centre. This was by far my favourite one and I loved finding little quirky items within the mural.

We were lucky enough to have Paul the owner of the Ship Inn there to talk to us and tell us the story of how Heesco came to Yarram for the Yarram town mural project.

The Ship Inn Yarram address

The address you will need for The Ship Inn Heesco mural is 480 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971

Top tip for Ship Inn street art mural in Yarram:

  • Not only will you find the large Heesco mural there are also two others that are on the property.
  • If you can talk to Paul and Jodie the owners of the Ship Inn and find out the story behind their street art mural
  • The mural is located within the hotel grounds so please be careful and respectful of the guests that are staying there when you are looking at the mural.
  • Go over to the Welcome to Yarram sign and sign your name inside the boat. Can you find the Wyld’s names there too?

The Victoria Hotel Alberton

Around 5.6km’s from the Yarram town centre, you will find the last of the Heesco town murals. On the side of the Victoria Hotel in Alberton, you will find the mural that depicts the life of a publican in the old days with the kegs being unloaded from the horse and cart.

The Victoria Hotel Alberton address

The address you will need for the Victoria Hotel Alberton Heesco mural is 53 Turnbull Street, Alberton Victoria 3971

Mechanics Institute Hall In Yarram

In October of 2019 Heesco started painting a new mural in Yarram at the mechanic’s Institute Hall. The new mural is dedicated to local, Ada Crossley (1871-1929), born in Tarraville .Ada lived in the local area until the age of 15 where she played the organ and did the singing at local churches.

After moving to Melbourne and becomin a proffessional singer, Europe called where Ada went on to perform for Queen Victoria and the royal family on numerous occassions, performed at the Titanic Memorial Concert held at the Royal Albert Hall in 1914 and recorded the first vinyl gramophone record for the Victor Company ‘Red Seal’ label while performing in New York.

The Mechanics Institute Hall in Yarram address

The address you will need for the Mechanics Institute Hall mural is 2-4 Church Street, Yarram.

A map to the Yarram street art

If you are still struggling to find the street art in Yarram there is a map that will help you find them all. We have the link below for you to keep so you can find them better.

Heesco Town Mural Project Yarram Victoria.

Top tips for finding street art in Yarram

If you are making a day trip to Yarram for the street art you can take your time with most of the street art located in the main street.

You can wander the gorgeous tree lined main street and easily park your car with ample parking.

Being a small rural town you will find many of the locals happy to help you find the Yarram street art if you are having trouble.

Remember some of the Heesco town murals are on private property and you need to respect the rules there especially at the Yarram golf course.

There are plenty of places to eat in Yarram or grab a coffee as you wander. This area was hit hard earlier in the year with the bush fires that hit local areas. Visitors are more than welcome in Yarram.

At this stage, due to social distancing and travel restrictions, the local public toilets in Yarram are shut. So are many of the restaurants and cafes in town. Hopefully with restrictions lifting these will be open soon as well so you can enjoy more time in Yarram.

Where is Yarram?

The small town of Yarram is located in Victoria, Australia. It is a part of the Wellington Shire and is in Southeast Gippsland.

How do I get to Yarram from Melbourne?

The town of Yarram is around 223km’s east of Melbourne and can take around 2 and a half hours driving time along the M1 or just under three hours along the South Gippsland Highway.

If you are planning a day trip from Melbourne to Yarram the South Gippsland highway may be the more scenic route for you to take.

Can I get to Yarram on public transport from Melbourne?

You can catch public transport from Melbourne to Yarram for a day trip if you do not have a car.

Melbourne to Yarram by bus

You can catch the bus to Yarram from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne for your day trip to Yarram. The journey will take roughly 3 hours and 40 minutes. The ticket will cost you between $26 and $40.

You will need a myki card to be able to get on the bus.

Melbourne to Yarram by train and bus

You can catch a train to Yarram from Melbourne but it will include a stop in Traralgon. You catch the train from Flinders Street station to Traralgon and then a bus from Trarglon to Yarram. This journey will take you nearly 4 and a half hours which will severely cut into you exploring in Yarram time. The ticket will cost a little less being between $23 and $30.

You will also need a myki card for this trip to Yarram as well.

Places to stay in Yarram

Ship Inn Motel is one of the top choices for your stay in Yarram based on travellers recommendations. This 3-star property offers free breakfast and a restaurant. Other good options for your stay include  Yarram Cottage – Art and Accommodation. and the Tarra Bulga Guest House just out of town.

There are not many small farming communities that can attract people like Heesco to create such beautiful art in their town. This is a stunning and beautiful way to bring some of the city into the country in such a unique way. A visit to Yarram is a beautiful day trip from Melbourne.

Not only do you get to see some world-class street art you also get to see some world-class scenery in the rolling hills of South Gippsland that just happened to be right out your back door.

We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland has you inspired to visit Yarram in Gippsland. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Gippsland click through to our Gippsland Attractions page for more brilliant Gippsland inspiration.

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About the Author

Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. Being born and raised in Gippsland he knows a thing or 2 about this amazing region. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids

Gippsland Vehicle Collection Maffra

Gippsland Vehicle Collection Maffra

There are many places a town should be proud of and one for us is The Gippsland Vehicle Collection, Maffra Motor Museum. For a small town in Australia with a population of 5,000 people, it is amazing to think that a vehicle collection museum as beautiful and unique as this would call our little town of Maffra Victoria home.

When you visit the Gippsland Vehicle Collection you will be amazed at the amount of cars and they types that are displayed there. The biggest surprise will be that majority are locally owned and on display voluntarily from their owners. That is a feat in itself.

Gippsland Vehicle collection
The Home of the Vehicle Collection the Maffra Motor Museum

Where is the Gippsland Vehicle collection?

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection is located in Maffra Victoria, Australia.

The address for the Motor museum in Maffra is 1 Maffra-Sale Rd, Maffra VIC 3860

How was the Gippsland Vehicle Collection started in Maffra?

Like most great Aussie ideas The Gippsland Vehicle Collection was developed by 3 mates and 1 pub. After the Grand Prix Rally had been held in town they all had realised how many beautiful cars had been bought out from a life in their owners shed. The cars had proudly been brought out to show the world and the question was, how many could they be bought out more often? The idea of a Motor Museum was becoming a reality.

Surprisingly the Motor Museum started fast. An inspection of an old unused shed that was previously a dehydration plant that was lying vacant just within Maffra happened the next day.

It was large enough to house displays of cars and any other memorabilia that would be of interest.  It was also a perfect spot as at the front was a large grassed area that could be used for parking, the possibilities of developing this area could be endless.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection
The old industrial shed has come up well

Over the next few months, meetings were held with Murray Goulburn to work out an arrangement for the lease of the shed. Finally, a ‘peppercorn’ lease was arranged and the home of The Gippsland Vehicle Collection had been found. Once the home for the Motor Museum was found there was a massive clean up needed.

The work on the Maffra Shed begins

As it had been left unused for many years windows needed to be boarded up, beams needed to be repaired and with the help of the local Maffra Fire Brigade and their fire hoses, a general clean up was underway! As you can tell there were plenty of people interested in the start of ‘The Shed’.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection
The collection of 4WD and off-road machines

When was the Maffra Vehicle Collection opened?

The official opening for The Gippsland Vehicle Collection was on 14th of October 2006 and cars turned out in droves with their proud owners. Because of the large grassy area in front of the shed (and the beautiful Maffra weather on the day), there was plenty of room for extra cars to line up out the front that was not part of the official vehicle collection being housed on the inside of The Shed. 

GVC-Maffra (1 of 1)-2

People from far and wide came to see what sort of cars had turned out, it was a huge success. And from there The Gippsland Vehicle Collection has gone in leaps and bounds. It quickly became one of the places to visit in Gippsland.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection

You may be asking how all of these cars can possibly be tracked down. A database was developed with members entering their car details onto it. This allows The Gippsland Vehicle Collection to contact the owner and ask if they are willing to ‘lend’ their car for display purposes.

Visit Gippsland Vehicle Collection

With the reputation that The Gippsland Vehicle Collection has gained itself, private collectors are more than happy to ‘lend’ their cars to the Motor Museum for a period of 4 months if their car is suitable for the current display. The displays are changed every three months in March, July and November each year with a grand opening held on a certain weekend.

This allows people to be constantly wowed by the ever-changing display at The Gippsland Vehicle Collection. As of 2019, the vehicle collection is adding a train to the platform that once carted goods away from the working shed in years gone by.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection
Postmen have much easier these days

With a large number of members increasing over the years The Gippsland Vehicle Collection decided to become a part of The Club Plate Scheme. This is a permit scheme for people with cars over 25 years old so they can be driven for between 45 days and 90 days per year without having to pay full registration.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection
An amazing old bike. They certainly don’t make them like this anymore

As some of these cars are works of art they are not taken out for a run to the shops on a regular basis so this has been a magnificent way to get people to visit Gippsland and share the beauty of the car they own.

Who runs the Gippsland Vehicle Collection?

With all good organisations, the volunteers are the backbone of this beauty. In many cases, it has accidentally become the go-to place for people with a common interest for support through hard times.

Not only can they bond over their passion for cars but they can check in on a mate who may need that extra care. People are welcomed with open arms and it is also with these people that they help out other worthy organisations.

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection and the Maffra community

There have been fundraisers for local families and for other larger organisations like The Breast Cancer Foundation and the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. It has also been with these volunteers dedication that many improvements have been made to the shed to make it what it is today.

What facilities does the Gippsland Vehicle Collection have?


There is an outdoor area with a bbq and seating, disabled access, a small kitchen that can cater to basic food and an indoor eating area with toilets. The area out the front is also a great place for people to park their vans overnight with a dump point facility easily accessible. For people living in the town and seeing it as we drive past you can see how much goes into keeping it looking so good. It had been with all of this hard work and dedication that in the near future ‘The Shed’ will be owned by The Gippsland Vehicle Collection.

Do we recommend the Gippsland Vehicle Collection?

We have attended plenty of days held at The Gippsland Vehicle Collection. While we don’t know a lot about cars we have absolutely enjoyed our visits there. This is one of the best Gippsland tourist attractions.

Any children who attend the open days are always thought of and catered for. The cars that are on display are always unique and even if you are not ‘into’ cars you can always appreciate the pure workmanship that goes into every tiny little beautiful detail.

There are always plenty of children and families wandering chatting about which car is their favourite, especially when the Maffra weather is at its best. Another part of the display that they love is the clothing from the era the cars are from.

A local couple tries their hardest to match clothing and other items of interest to match the current display. It really adds a whole other dimension to the display within The Shed.

While we are sharing some pictures of what will be on display within The Shed we can’t tell you what other gems will be bought out for the day. There is nothing like getting down there and seeing the display for yourself.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection opening hours

Friday – Monday from 10 am to 4 pm

‘The Shed’ is open EVERY DAY of the school holidays if you are looking for a family-friendly activity.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection entry prices

Adults $15 – Concession $10 – Under 15 Free.

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection is an absolute credit to the hours and hours of love and care that its volunteers put into it. It is a definite must-see if you are in the area and if you are not it is worth a drive up to this way to see it.

How to get to the Gippsland Vehicle collection

It will depend on what direction you are coming from but getting to the Maffra Motor Museum is very easy and well worth the side trip off the Princes Highway

Directions from Melbourne

Take a detour to Maffra, turn off the highway 7.5 km east of Rosedale if coming from Melbourne

Directions from Barinsdale

Take the side road to Maffra just after the railway viaduct out of Stratford if coming from Bairnsdale. Look for signs that have the Motor Museum picture on them.

Need a place to stay near Maffra?

Looking for somewhere to stay nearby? below is an interactive accommodation map of Gippsland. Just zoom in and out and drag up and down to find you place to stay when visiting Gippsland


I hope you make it to this display on your Travels in Gippsland and if you can’t I hope you put it on your list of places to see in the future as it is one of the best Gippsland Attractions. If you would like any more information on The Gippsland Vehicle Collection please head over to their website. If you have questions I am sure they will be more than happy to answer any you have!

Click through to our Gippsland Museums page for more places to visit

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About the Author

Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. Being born and raised in Gippsland he knows a thing or 2 about this amazing region. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum

It is rare to find such a small, yet wonderful museum like the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum in Sale, Victoria. Larger War Museums would love to have some of the items that this amazing museum has on display, especially with the stories that go with them from local servicemen and women of Gippsland.

This is a small, stand-alone, volunteer-run museum in Gippsland. It has a main focus on local Gippsland War Veterans and the impacts the War had on the area. The displays are made up of items purchased by the museum and so many amazing items donated so they can be shown to anyone willing to see.

Gippsland Armed Forces Museum Nazi flag
A Nazi Flag a Gippsland bought back from war

Where is the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum?

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum is located at the T.A.F.E campus out at Fulham right next to the West Sale Aerodrome and opposite the Fulham correctional centre (You will find signage as you drive along the Princess Highway Sale).

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum is one of the top things to do in Sale Victoria. Gippsland Armed Forces Museum is not to be confused with RAAF East Sale base.

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum address is Lyon Crescent, West Sale Aerodrome, Fulham, Victoria, 3851.

One of the best Gippsland Museums

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum was established in around 2000 and was originally located right in the town of Sale Victoria. Due to the land being obtained by the government for a redevelopment the museum relocated out to the T.A.F.E campus.

Sale Victoria has had a long history with the RAAF. with the West Sale Aerodrome being the original East Sale RAAF base during WWII. The RAAF base was later relocated to the current East Sale base that is still operational today. Being out at the old base seems a fitting place for the museum to be in now.

model RRF plane and banner
Model plane from the RAAF

What is the entry price to the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum?

For what you get to see at this amazing War Museum it is absolutely worth every single cent.

Adults $4

Families $10

Children $2

What are the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum opening hours?

Saturday to Monday:      10 am to 4 pm

If you are unable to make this time or have a large group other times can be arranged by appointment

Screenshot 2016-05-15 10.05.51

What is on display at this Sale Museum?

You will find an absolute treasure trove of items on display at the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum. Everything from letters to medals awarded to local servicemen and women from Gippsland.

In the carpark

As you pull up you are greeted by three different, restored aircraft. Seeing them sitting right next to the runway was a sight! You can spend some time looking at them and taking photos before.

Inside the Gippsland Museum

I must say I was absolutely stunned at the number of memorabilia that the Armed Forces Museum has. Gippsland Armed Forces Museum specifically focuses on servicemen and women from the Gippsland area alone, I think that is why I was stunned. It really hit home how many small communities contributed to all the different war efforts over time.

Three rooms are filled with items that have been donated, gifted or on loan. The care and love put into all the exhibits are absolutely evident as you go from piece to piece.

Gippsland Armed Forces Museum and Hollywood

There is an original engine that had been rebuilt by a local company that sits out the front of this Gippsland Museum. This engine had been used in the Steven Spielberg TV Show The Pacific starring Tom Hanks. Not bad for a little Sale Victoria business!

Gippsland Armed Forces Museum cannon
Cannon for war at Sale Museum

Where do the displays come from?

Some are donated by family after their family member has passed, some are given to the museum by an ex-serviceman or woman so people can see them and some have been acquired by the museum themselves. Many of the people that the exhibits are about have been extensively researched by the museum or the have the families input to make sure the information is as accurate as possible.

Who runs the Gippsland Forces museum?

So much pride and effort have been put into every piece that is displayed by a small number of committed volunteers. If you are lucky enough you may be able to spend some time with one of those wonderful volunteers. As I walked around all the rooms he was with me telling me how they got some of the items that are on show.

This amazing gentleman volunteer had my undivided attention and I was so glad he spent nearly an hour with me telling me so many personal stories that weren’t on the information boards. It is volunteers like him that make places like this extra special.

Engine at Gippsland Armed Forces Museum
RAAF plane engine

The Gippsland Armed Forces epic WWII story

The story I liked the most was the one about the American pilot flying from Laverton to Canberra that went missing. Now you may think that this is not a Gippsland story but it turns into one. Aberfeldy, where the plane was eventually found, is out the back of Walhalla and is pretty rough terrain.

The pilot and aircraft were finally found in 1948 by a gentleman walking in the bush. At this point, the pilot’s remains were returned to Hawaii and classed as Missing in Action.

Decades passed until a gentleman by the name of Rick, (who is also now a volunteer at Gippsland Armed Forces Museum) took it upon himself to get the pilot the military funeral he deserved. After a long process of DNA testing, the pilot was finally laid to rest again with full military honours at Arlington National Cemetery.

Gippsland Armed Forces Museum
One of the planes om display at this Gippsland Museum

It was this man’s dedication that got that pilot the honours he deserved. I am sure I could have spent hours there listening to every story that could be told and why it is one of the best things to do in Sale if you live here or you are visiting.

Do you have a Gippsland veteran family member?

If a family member of yours served in any of the Armed Forces, Gippsland Armed Forces Museum would love to hear from you. Keeping the memories of our region’s military service alive is important for future generations.

Do we recommend Gippsland Armed Forces Museum?


I thoroughly enjoyed our visit out to Gippsland Armed Forces Museum and I will be returning. I am so glad we visited and I think it is one of the best things to do in Sale for anyone looking for something to do.

Where to stay in Sale Victoria

Why not make a weekend of it in the Sale area. Visit the 90 Mile Beach, and some surrounding towns such as Maffra and Briagolong. Sale has a range of hotels for your stay. Check the map below.


We love our little museums here in Gippsland. They are great family outings or as we found out a great day trip without the kids. If you are looking for things to do in Gippsland visiting the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum should be on the top of your list on your next Travels in Gippsland Click through to our Gippsland Museums page for more places to visit in Gippsland

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Some more travel inspiration for your next holiday in Gippsland

About the Author

Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. Being born and raised in Gippsland he knows a thing or 2 about this amazing region. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids

Gippsland Immigration Park & Heritage Walk

Gippsland Immigration Park & Heritage Walk

People are well aware of the contribution that immigrants made to the Snowy River project in Gippsland many years ago but our immigration heritage goes much further back then that era. From European immigrants that came to farm Gippsland to the Asian immigrants that came for gold the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk is there to celebrate them all.

Lake Kernot is home to Kernot Hall and the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk. Kernot Lake (Morwell Lake) is a focal point of things to do in Morwell and a community area for citizens and visitors to the area.

Morwell Gippsland

The park is a great spot for family gatherings and days out. There are two covered BBQ areas with electric barbeques and picnic tables for seating.

You will find plenty of green grass for kids to play on and trees to shelter under all while learning about the amazing Gippsland history.

The Immigration memorial consists of 7 walls that display the history of immigration into Gippsland in images and writing. The walls are depicted using four themes – ‘Departing / Arriving, Settling, Working, Achieving’.

They feature images and names of the families who arrived in Gippsland. These walls sit in front of a deck sits on the edge of the lake that was designed to look like an arrivals port where the migrants arrived.

Many people who now call Gippsland home can trace their ancestry to some of those first immigrant settlers to the Gippsland area. Today’s figures show only 5.6 per cent of the population were born in one of the main non-English speaking countries and 4.5 per cent of the population only speak a language other than English at home.

What is the Gippsland Heritage Walk?

The Gippsland Heritage walk located next to the Immigration Park educates all in the traditional owners of Gippsland the Gunaikurnai people.

The beginning and end of the Heritage Walk are marked by two large archways. I can tell you its an educational experience even for someone who has lived in Gippsland their whole life. Kernot Lake provides some great things to do in Gippsland.

The 72 panels will educate you about Gunaikurnai history, Coming to Gippsland, Settling In, Energy (electricity, gas, oil) which have all played a huge part in shaping Gippsland.

Picnic area Kernott Lake

Other panels also include Life in Gippsland, Government, Rule of Law, Transport, War Time, Educating Gippsland, Serving Gippsland (emergency services) and Gippsland Community (immigrants, early sport, population, government towns).

Where is the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk?

When you are travelling in Gippsland the address you will need for the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage walk is 50/70 Princes Dr, Morwell VIC 3840. The Park and Heritage Walk are located on Lake Kernot.

If you are driving from Melbourne to Morwell

Melbourne to Morwell is 153 kilometres along the M1 freeway and will take you approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

As you drive through Morwell on the old Princes Highway just past McDonald’s you will see the park on the right-hand side. As it is a dual carriageway you will need to go to the next set of traffic lights to perform a u-turn to safely get to the Gippsland Immigration Park.

If you are coming from Traralgon to the Gippsland Immigration Park

Traralgon to Morwell is 11 kilometres via M1 and Princes Dr/C104 and will take you approximately 15 minutes drive time.

After you go past the Mid Valley Shopping Centre Morwell you will see the signs to Lake Kernot. It is here the Immigration Park and Heritage Walk is located.

What facilities does the Immigration Park have?

There are a lot of facilities at the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk that make it a great day out in Gippsland. Not only brilliant facilities for families, but large groups and couple will also find the facilities amazing when they stop to learn about this section of Gippsland’s history.

Facilities at the Immigration Park at Lake Kernot



BBQ area

Large grassed areas

Shaded seating

Easy walking track

Unshaded seating

Morwell Lake is stocked with fish a few times every year. It is a great place to introduce the kids to a fish or two in Gippsland.

The toilets are available a short walk away at Kernot Hall.

It’s well worth turning off the Princes Highway and exploring Heritage Walk and Immigration Memorial in Morwell. On a nice day, the sun dances off the calm waters of the lake which provides a picturesque backdrop to this Gippsland attraction.

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