6 things you need to bring with you for a BBQ in Gippsland

6 things you need to bring with you for a BBQ in Gippsland

Gippsland is a fantastic place to have a BBQ with family and friends. There are lots of great spots to have your BBQ like Cape Conran, but you need to think about more than just the location when you are planning your gathering.

The following will look at 6 essentials to bring with you to have a great BBQ in Gippsland.

Meat and bread

When you are planning a BBQ, you need to cover the essentials first, and what could be more essential than the actual food you are going to cook and eat?

Sausages are the mainstay of any BBQ, and you don’t just need to go with beef. There are plenty of options for lamb and chicken, as well as vegetarian and even vegan choices as well. Keep in mind; if you are going to be cooking for different dietary requirements, then you want to make sure that there is no cross-contamination by using the same surface for different meats/meat alternatives.

If you need to source alternatives for your vegetarian or vegan BBQ guests, check out the vegan and meat-free section at Woolworths.

Burger sliders are also a great option for any BBQ, as well as skewers and smaller options like chicken wings or thighs. These are all great options if you BBQ often and you or others are getting a little tired of having sausages every time.

Other than the meat (or veggie alternatives), you need to make sure that you have bread as well. In Australia, we tend to go with simple sandwich bread to wrap around the meat, but you can always go a little fancier and buy hot dog and burger buns as well.

the sausages on the bbq

Sides and condiments

You’ve already nailed the core elements of a BBQ above, so there is really no rule you need to follow when it comes to the sides you offer. Of course, some sides are more classic for a BBQ, such as coleslaw, corn on the cob, baking potatoes, and more.

Sides can also be their own meals depending on the appetites of the people you have in attendance. In fact, there are lots of different dishes, such as the meals featured on EveryPlate, that could be prepared in advance and brought along to the BBQ. This can be a great option for people who want to enjoy the social gathering in picturesque Gippsland without having to eat BBQ food they might not personally enjoy.

You can’t forget about the condiments either! Make sure that you have all the essentials like tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, mustard and mayonnaise. It can be worthwhile buying extra of each so that you can be sure you won’t run out (there’s nothing worse than running out of condiments at a BBQ)!

Music and entertainment

While the natural sounds of Gippsland are a great soundtrack to any gathering, there’s nothing wrong with bringing along a handy JBL Bluetooth speaker and cranking some tunes for everyone to enjoy. If you and your family/friends use Spotify, it’s a smart idea to create a collaborative playlist so that everyone can add their own songs, and you’ll get a really diverse selection of music for your BBQ by doing this.

On top of the music, why not bring along some sports equipment or some other fun activities? A cricket set or footy is always a hit at any BBQ. Even a frisbee is better than nothing and helps to keep kids occupied while the adults chat.


No BBQ is complete without beverages, as they’re essential to enjoy with the food, and will cool you down during the day. Keeping your drinks cool is a cinch when you have an esky – just make sure you bring enough ice with you to fill it up.

If you are going to bring alcohol, it’s a good idea to keep it in a separate esky for adults while you have another one with soft drinks for the kids. Make sure each esky is kept a reasonable distance apart, so there is no chance of confusion about which is which.

a family having a bbq

Garbage and recycling bins

Gippsland is a beautiful region, and just like the rest of Australia, we all need to do our bit to keep it beautiful. You shouldn’t try to have a BBQ if you aren’t prepared to clean up after yourself.

Make sure that you come with adequate garbage bags and separate your food and plastic waste from recyclables like beer bottles and cardboard packaging. You can make things easier by investing in small lidded plastic bins that you can line with a garbage bag and wheel around (the lids also help reduce any smell from the bins and stop insects from getting to the food waste).

Insect repellent and sunscreen

When you are planning a big BBQ in Gippsland, it can be easy to forget about the little things like insect repellent and sunscreen. It would be terrible if you or any of your guests were plagued with insect bites or with a nasty sunburn because you forgot about these essential items.

We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland has you inspired to have a bbq in Gippsland for more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Gippsland click through to our Gippsland Town Attractions Page for more brilliant Gippsland inspiration.

Best things to do in Metung

Best things to do in Metung

Metung is the upmarket village on the shore of the Gippsland Lakes. With 5-star accommodation and a handful of boutique stores, there’s not much to do in the town. What the town doesn’t have, the activities on the water definitely make up for it and they are some of the best things to do in Metung Gippsland.

Metung in Gippsland is the quintessential lakeside village with yachts moored, people taking a stroll in the sun and families having fun.

Metung Fishing

Fishing is one of the top Metung attractions. Fishing in Metung can either be done from a boat on the water of the Gippsland Lakes or from the jetties and boardwalks around town. The boardwalk extends from the mouth of Chinaman’s creek right through the village centre to and to Shaving Point. Purchase all your fishing gear online at BCF and pick it up at Bairnsdale on your holiday on the Gippsland Lakes.

Fishing around Metung, you are most likely to catch bream, flathead, luderick, tailor, mulloway, whiting, perch and salmon. You can use sandworm, prawn or spider crab as bait. Fishing from the boardwalk, you will only need a light rod and tackle which you can pick up from any BCF store.


Metung has some great sand beach areas along the peninsula that leads out to Shaving Point. The waters around Metung are great for kids. The swimming areas are calm with little or no waves, sandy bottom and a slow gradual increase in depth from the shore. These areas are great for families on holiday to Gippsland

Related Post: If you are spending some time in Metung with kids you may want to visit Lakes Entrance. Lakes Entrance with kids is great for activities and some fun in any season.


Boating is what the Gippsland Lakes is all about and staying at Metung can allow you to have the best experience of boating on the Gippsland Lakes. You can bring your own boat (fishing boat, water sports boat), you can moor your yacht with the Metung Yacht Club or you can go on a cruise from Metung with a few boating companies. If you bring your own boat, there is plenty of room for water skiing and kneeboarding.

The Metung Yacht Club can store your Yacht or you can participate in many club activities. The Club offers a wide range of activities for sailors and powerboat operators. The Yacht Club of Metung offers programs to attract Junior sailors and to teach women sailing skills as well.

Water sports

Activities such as canoeing, windsurfing and paddleboards can easily be done in the waters around Metung. You can hire canoes from Riveria Nautic in Metung. This is a great Gippsland activity for anyone who is visiting Metung Victoria.

Lawn Bowls

The Metung Lawn Bowls club is located just behind the Metung Yacht Club. The Club has synthetic greens that are playable all year round. The Club welcomes visitors for social lawn bowls every Thursday and Sunday. The Club welcomes new members and there’s always time for a chat after a game.

Playing Golf in Metung

Kings Cove Golf Course markets itself as one of the best 9 hole public access golf courses in Australia, A challenging 9 hole course with alternate tees on your second nine. This means you can play 18 holes and the tee of position changes from the first 9 holes to your last 9 holes.

The Metung Golf Club layout measures a might 6000 metres in length for a par 72, featuring a traditional layout of 10 par 4’s, 4 par5’s and 4 par 3’s on course. The Kings Cove golf course is open to visitors seven days a week. Clubhouse hours are 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Green fee and equipment hire prices at Metung Golf Club are as follows.

  • 9 Hole social golf $20
  • 18 Holes social golf $30
  • Gold Club hire $15
  • Electric Golf Cart Hire $30

Coming soon to Metung Victoria

Coming soon are the Metung Hotspring Development. Metung was always well known for geothermal waters. In the early ’80s, there used to be 2 public hot springs pools just out of town. Now in the 2000’s the company who bought us the ever-popular Mornington Peninsula Hot springs have turned their attention to building a complex in Gippsland in the coming years. This is going to be a great addition to Gippsland attractions for everyone.

Discover More: Are you camping in Metung? Use our ultimate guide to camping in Gippsland to make sure you have everything you need for the best holiday in Gippsland.

Where to eat in Metung

Metung is all about food. The majority of businesses in town are selling food in one shape or another: Cafe’s, bakeries, fish n chip shops and the local hotel all serve amazing food. The local Metung Village Store stocks lots of local Gippsland artisan foods and drinks as well for you to stock up on for you trip home from Gippsland.

Metung Bakery and Cafe

The local bakery does the usual fare such as pies, sausage rolls, salad roll, cakes and coffee. Where the bakery really excels is with its Vietnamese cuisine. On the weekends, they do what can only be described as an amazing explosion of tastes and textures called the Roast Pork Bahn Mi. Other dishes such as Pho and rice paper rolls are amazing. From time to time, the bakery does Vietnamese nights where they showcase their home crown cuisine.

Metung Pub

The most iconic location to eat in Metung is at the Pub. The Pub sits on the edge of waters of the Gippsland Lakes. There is seating indoors and outdoors but all seating has views of the water. The Metung Hotel serves good quality meals featuring lots of local seafood. You can pull your boat up to the jetty out front and wander in for a meal or a drink.

Where to stay in Metung Gippsland

There are so many places to stay in Metung Victoria for every budget. If you are looking for a 5-star hotel to a Metung Air bnb there is something for everyone.

Air BnB Metung alternative

Some people prefer a home away from home style accommodation and Air BnB is perfect for that. Check out the map below to find the perfect airbnb Metung.

Metung accommodation for couples

Metung is the perfect getaway for a quiet, romantic staycation. From luxury accommodation to small boutique hotels for couples.

The Moorings at Metung

The Moonings at Metung Gippsland have suites with a spa and views over the Gippsland Lakes. The property has indoor and outdoor pools, tennis court and private mariner take a romantic stroll along the Bancroft Bay boardwalk into the town centre. The Yacht Club and bowls club is a 10-minute walk while the local golf course is a 7-minute drive.

For more information and bookings click here

Accommodation Metung for families

Family budget accommodation in Metung is in abundance. From cheap tent sites to large cabins for bigger travelling families there is a brilliant assortment of family accommodation around Metung.

Metung Holiday Village

The Metung Holiday Village offers a range of 2 bedroom family villas. Starting with a standard villa and increasing to you reach the deluxe villa. Each unit is fully self-contained with a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. WiFi comes standard with your stay. There is a pool onsite for those warm summer stays.

For more information and bookings click here

Budget accommodation at Metung

As we have said before you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your holiday on the Gippsland Lakes. There is plenty of budget accommodation in Metung where you will get amazing accommodation.

Metung Waters

The Metung Waters offers a queen room with free wifi and flatscreen tv for your viewing. If your visiting in the warmer months you have air conditioning to keep you cool.

Coffee maker for the kick starts in the morning with a patio or balcony to drink it on. Metung Waters offer nice clean and quiet but basic rooms for a budget stay in the Metung area

For more information and bookings click here

How to get to Metung

Metung is located in East Gippsland on the Gippsland Lakes. You will need to turn off at Swan Reach on the Princes Highway to reach Metung. Metung is 15 kilometres from Swan Reach. To get from Melbourne to Metung the distance is 331 kilometres.

We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland has you inspired to visit Metung in East Gippsland and shows you what to do in Metung. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Gippsland click through to our Gippsland Attractions page for more brilliant inspiration.

Some more travel inspiration for your trip to Gippsland

Best things to do in Maffra Victoria

Best things to do in Maffra Victoria

Coming into Maffra from any direction one of the first things you notice is the surrounding farmland whether it be dairy or vegetable farms. Lush green paddocks with rolling fields, cows grazing and corn or canola growing. It is a beautiful sight.

Driving into Maffra you will instantly be drawn to the tree-lined nineteenth century Main Street, Johnson Street. The tree-lined avenue has local shops lying on each side street, some still sporting heritage verandas. Maffra’s main street is a throwback to times gone by with its community rotunda and town clock. A time when small Gippsland towns thrived.

Maffra population

Maffra Victoria has a small population of around 5,000, with the major industries being dairy farming and vegetables growing. The dairy industry is in decline while the vegetable industry surrounding the town continues to grow steadily.

Things to do in Maffra Victoria

What you will find in a small town like Maffra are friendly people and small-town hospitality. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Maffra.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection

The jewel in the crown of things to do in Maffra. The Gippsland Vehicle collection is an award-winning motor vehicle museum. The museum has a rotating display of vehicles and motorcycles. The Gippsland Vehicle collection stages a number of shows throughout the year featuring different themes such as American classics, Fords etc just to name a few. You can make a day of it by bringing some food and using the free BBQ facilities onsite. GVC now allows self-contained travellers to camp in the grounds of the Motor Museum.

old industrial shed housing car museum in maffra

What is the Gippsland Vehicle Collection address?

1 Maffra-Sale Rd, Maffra VIC 3860

What are the Gippsland Vehicle Collection opening hours?

Friday-Monday from 10.00am – 4.00pm

Gippsland Rail Trail

The Gippsland Rail Trail that runs from Traralgon to Stratford enters and departs from Maffra. The rail-trail provides visitors with a great place to ride their bike or do some walking towards both Stratford and Tinamba. It is a nice flat surface ride to Stratford 11 kilometres away. If you like a drop of wine you can call into Avon Ridge Winery for a glass of wine at the near halfway mark. The ride to Tinamba has you surrounded by green dairy farming pastures. There are places to eat and drink at both Tinamba and Stratford.

Have a bbq at the Macalister River Park

If you are travelling in Gippsland with kids a stop at the amazing Macalister River Park in Maffra is a must. This large and well-maintained park is beside the mighty Macalister river and is a great family-friendly stop. There is a walking track beside the river where you can stretch your legs and look for local native animals.

What is the Macalister River Park address?

McMahon Drive, Maffra Victoria 3860

What facilities are at the Macalister River Park Maffra

There are plenty of facilites at Macalister River park for everyone.

  • Toilets
  • Free Bbq
  • Play equipment
  • Close to Woolworths Supermarket
  • Large lawned area for pets
  • Shaded eating areas
  • Seating
  • Walking track
  • Ample parking
  • Close to the Maffra Sugarbeet Museum

Maffra Golf Club

Maffra Golf Course has a reputation as having some of the best greens in the Gippsland area. The Maffra Golf Course is a par 72 golf course of just over 6000 meters. The course will provide a challenge to golfers of all abilities. A clubhouse has a bar and sells food on competition days and weekends. Green fee players and members of other clubs are welcome. The Maffra Golf Course has space for Rv parking so you can stay overnight.

What is the Maffra Golf Club address?

13 Fulton Rd, Maffra VIC 3860

What time is the Golf Course open?

The golf course is open daily from 9.00am-5.00pm

Tips for playing golf at Maffra Gold Club?

  • There are competition days where you may not be able to play
  • There are motorised carts and push carts for hire
  • You can hire golf clubs
  • If you need to stay the night there is a motor home park out the back of the club house
  • You can call the club house on 03 5147 1884 to book a time

Macalister Wetland Reserve

Maffra wetlands walk is a short 1.5 kilometres walk that is accessed from River Street near the local pool. The Wetlands of Maffra has both paved paths and wooden boardwalks. A number of Birds on the Victorian threatened species list which has been recorded at Macalister Wetland Reserve.

You might just see the Australasian Bittern, Glossy Ibis, Little Egret, Great Egret, Nankeen Night Heron, Royal Spoonbill, White-bellied Sea-Eagle and the Painted Snipe. There are a number of bench seats and picnic tables for you to sit on.

Maffra Tourist Information Centre

If you’re still looking for further things to do in Maffra call into the local tourist information centre. The Maffra tourist information centre is located in the old courthouse building on Johnson St (the main street) and is a Maffra attraction in itself.

What is the Maffra Tourist Information Center address?

 96 Johnson St, Maffra VIC 3860

What are the Tourist Information Office opening hours?

Open daily from 10.00am – 3.00pm (The Tourist Information Office closes early at 1.00pm on a Tuesday)

Maffra Sugarbeet Museum

Go back in time and learn about an industry that kept this town alive in times past. The Sugarbeet Museum is in the old office and weighbridge factory building that was used by the employees in its heyday. Outside you will also find some old equipment that was used in the harvesting process.

Inside there is plenty on the industry in the area, information on European families that settled in the area and some information in the local Aboriginal tribe that lived in the area.

What is the Maffra Sugarbeet Museum address?

McMahon Dr, Maffra VIC 3860

What are the Sugarbeet Museum opening hours?

Hours differ during seasons and on the availabilty on volunteers. Please contact 0351472680 to organise a visit.

Find the wooden sculptures at Victoria Park

Another beautiful park in Maffra to visit is Victoria Park. Here you will find wooden sculptures displayed along the banks of a large pond. You can walk through the park or around Victoria park to find the sculptures.

What is the Victoria Park in Maffra address?

52 Kent Street,  Maffra Victoria 3860 (Across from the Maffra District Hospital)

What facilities does Victoria Park Maffra have?

There are plenty of facilites at Victoria Pain in Maffra for anyone who needs a break.

  • Tap water
  • Free gas Bbq
  • Picnic tables
  • Toilets
  • Large shaded eating area
  • Play equipment
  • Ample parking on Kent Street

Sample a local wine

The residents of Maffra are lucky enough to have 2 wonderful wineries close to town. The closer of the two is Avon Ridge (the restaurant is called the Vines on Avon) and the other is Blue Gables.

The Avon Ridge Winery

Located just 5.5km’s out of the Maffra township towards Stratford Avon Ridge is a great place for a tasting of local wine. Surrounded with views of the vines you can also see out over the Avon River Valley. Not only can you enjoy a local Maffra wine here there is also an assortment of ciders too. The new restaurant and dining area is called The Vines on Avon.

What is Avon Ridge address?

446 Stratford-Maffra Rd, Maffra VIC 3860, Australia

Blue Gables

Situated on top of a small hill with the vines behind you, you are able to look down on some amazing farmland that the area is known for. You can sit inside under the verandah or out in the sun on the large picnic-style tables. While you are having your local Maffra wine you can enjoy some local Maffra cheese platers or wood-fired pizza. Blue Gables is located 23km’s from the Maffra township through beautiful farming lands.

What is Blue Gables address?

100 Lanigan Rd, Maffra West Upper VIC 3859, Australia

*If you are unable to get out to either of these wineries during your visit to Maffra you can purchase wines from them at the local IGA store in their liquor department. IGA is located at 102-106 Johnson St, Maffra VIC 3860

Devour a Maffra Pie

Many people will attest to loving a Maffra Pie. This award winning piece of heaven is a Maffra legend in it’s own right. Whether it’s at the footy or garbbing one to head to the park with the kids you can’t go wrong.

The Maffra Bakery and their pies have been around for as long as I can remember with my mother returning home with a treat of as Maffra pie on many occasions when I was growing up.

Where can I get a Maffra Pie?

You can visit the Maffra Bakery at 18 Foster Street Maffra, Victoria 3860

Does the Maffra Bakery sell other items?

You will find an array of cakes, bread, drinks, made to order salad rolls, sausage rolls and different flavoured pies if the traditional Maffra pie is not for you.

When is the Maffra Bakery open?

You will find the Bakery open Monday to Friday 7.30 am – 4.00 pm and Saturday mornings until 12.30.

Maffra Accommodation

Being a small rural town there are not too many options for Maffra accommodation. There are a few places to stay in Maffra and we will list them below.

Maffra Backpackers

Maffra Golf Club Motor Park

Gippsland Vehicle Collection Park

Air BnB

Macalister pub rooms

Maffra Caravan Park

Maffra Motor Inn

*Some of these places to stay only have basic facilities or they are only available to stay in if you are self-contained.

How to get to Maffra by car

Maffra is easily accessed off the Princess Highway on the Melbourne side of Stratford or via the Princess Highway turn off between Sale and Traralgon. You can easily follow the signs to Maffra.

How to get to Maffra by bus

If you are travelling to Maffra from Melbourne you will find you can book tickets through V/Line.

How to get to Maffra by train

There are no direct trains from Melboun to maffra. If you are travelling from Mebourne to Maffra you can get a train to Traralgon and then you will have to transfer onto a bus.

We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland on our amazing hometown in Gippsland Australia has made you want to visit. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Gippsland click through to our Gippsland Attractions page for more brilliant Gippsland inspiration.

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Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. “I think I know a thing or 2 about Gippsland”. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids

Things to take camping in Gippsland

Things to take camping in Gippsland

Gippsland is a vast area, stretching from the mountains to the coast, from the forest to the open plains. Gippsland is an area of wonder waiting to be explored. This makes camping in Gippsland the ideal thing to do.

You can camp with the sound of the ocean nearby, you can camp in the old world forests, you can camp in mountain huts in front of a roaring fire.

Gippsland has plenty of paid and free campsites available for those wanting to get away from it all. In this article, we will talk about all the camping essentials for an epic camping in Gippsland trip.

Tent vs Swag for camping in Gippsland

It will depend on the amount of time, space you have and what you plan on doing when you holiday in Gippsland as to whether a tent or a swag is the best option for you. Below we have the information on both so you can make an informed decision.

Taking a swag Gippsland camping

Your Swag is guaranteed to be warmer than tents due to the heavy material and type of canvas used. This allows you to go camping even once the weather turns colder. The swag has a smaller area, which traps body heat inside making it warmer. The foam mattress included, is more effective for body warmth than an air mattress.

Camping by the water in Gippsland

What are the benefits of a swag over a tent?

Swags are easier to set up and pack up, just roll out and roll-up. You don’t need to bring extra bedding as it is already inside your swag. Swags are more durable and less likely to be damaged. Swags can be rolled out on the back of a ute and no pegs are ever needed.

Taking a tent camping in Gippsland

Your tent provides you with a bigger area to move around in than a swag. You can stand up to get changed, you can bring a camp chair inside to sit on. You can store all your food, eskies, clothes and gear inside the tent. If you are camping with kids you are all in the same rooms. You can also have a bigger, thicker mattress in a tent. Tents are very cheap especially if you just want a weekender for a getaway now and then.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags play an important part of any camping trip and can be top of the camping essentials list for some. Your sleeping bag is your one-stop blanket for trips away. Easily stored in the carry case and put into the cupboard or plastic container in the shed between uses. No need to carry bug bulky blankets when you can carry your sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag

What sort of sleeping bag will I need for camping?

Your sleeping bag needs will differ depending on when you plan to do most of your camping. Winter sleeping bags will have a warmth rating that goes well into the minus temperatures while lightweight designs are best for warm summer nights.

BrandDescriptionFeaturesRead more
ColemanFor kids* ZipPlow zipper for snag-free opening and closing
* Interior tuck pocket to conveniently store small items
* Designed for young campers up to 5 ft tall
Click here
ColemanFor cold nights * Includes pillow for soft comfort
* Lining material: Cotton flannel
* Temperature comfort rating: -6 degrees
Click here
Mountain WarehouseFor summer nights* 2 Season – warm nights, summer, indoor use
* Insulation – Insulated with hollow fibre stuffing
* Insulated with hollow fibre stuffing
Click here

For a full range of sleeping bags, we have put together links for you to browse at some of the most popular places to buy sleeping bags in Australia

  • Browse sleeping bags at BCF

Fridge, icebox or esky for Gippsland camping

When you’re in Gippsland camping do you need a fridge, icebox or just an esky? The answer is never an easy one and many factors need to be taken into considerations such as

  • How long am I going camping for?
  • Where am I going camping?
  • Is there any shade and shops nearby my campsite?
  • Do I want to take perishable food to last more than a couple of days?
  • What amount of food and drinks do I want to bring?

For most campers, the icebox is the ideal piece of camping equipment for a few days away. It stores things cold and keeps things frozen for 2-3 days under the right conditions. If you are just wanting to keep beer and drinks cold the back yard esky will do the trick.

Both the icebox and the esky will need topping up with ice regularly. If you are a committed camper and regularly go camping the investment in a camping fridge will be worthwhile. Please find below a table with a comparison of a fridge, an icebox and an esky.

BrandDescriptionFeaturesRead more
Engell Camping FridgePortable Fridge/Freezer mid-range for camping* Large fridge and freezer storage space of 21 litres capacity (29 x 375ml cans)
* Switches between voltage for power from car or powerboard
* Rugged steel body, lid and handles for easy transport
Click here!
IcecoolIce Box* Keeps ice frozen for several days, depending on model usage and conditions
* Drainage bung for easy cleaning
* Will not rust or corrode
Click here!
WillowWheeled esky* Features robust wheels and extra-long handle
* Hinged lid with two cup holders.
* Glove compartment in lid for keys, loose change etc
Click here

For a full range of camping fridges, camping iceboxes and camping eskies we have put together links for you to browse at some of the most popular places to buy in Australia

Camping chairs

The easiest thing might be to just buy a cheap chair from cheap as chips or Bunnings. Yes, they might do you for a camping trip but will they be comfortable after a few hours? Certainly not.

We strongly suggest for your Gippsland camping trip to spend a little extra and buy a good chair. One that has padding, one that reclines or even one that has a side table. The investment in top quality camping gear will be worth the reward.

BrandDescriptionFeaturesRead more
Oz TrailDeluxe folding camping Chair* 150kg Weight Rating
* Sliding side table with a cup and wine holder is perfect for keeping snacks and drinks close at hand
* Padded seat and 8 position reclining backrest for superior comfort.
Click here
FE – ActiveCompact folding chair* It weighs approximately 1.9 pounds or 880 grams.
* The load capacity is 330 pounds or 150 kilograms.
Click here
King CampMid-range* Comfortable tilted back design offers great support for the back and the legs.
* Armrest cup holder to keep your drink at hand.
* 136 Kg weight rating
Click here
Oz Trail Compact stool * Hard wearing, durable polyester
* Weight Rating: 80 kg
* Seat Height: 35 cm
Click here
  • Browse camping chairs at BCF
  • Browse camping chairs at Kogan

Camping mattress

Your camping mattress is a very important part of the experience and is a camping essential. We all want to be comfortable and have a good nights sleep no matter where we are. You will find numerous models on the market from airbeds to foam mattress to self-inflating and foldup bed frames.

What do I need to consider when buying a camping mattress?

A lot of the time your choice will come down to size and storage. Let’s be honest, this is camping and we can’t take everything! Space is the reason the airbed has been so popular over the years. These days the airbed comes in all shapes and size.

For those camping with kids you can also buy camping bunk beds to save space. These stretcher type beds don’t require a mattress.

BrandDescriptionFeaturesRead more
WandererHigh walled airbed* Double high sizing for added comfort and that ‘at home’ feel
* 100% of all Wanderer beds are tested inflated for 24-48 hours before sale
* Includes repair kit for long-lasting quality
Read more!
Oz TrailLow profile stretcher bed * Setup literally takes 10 seconds
* Greater comfort for tall people with no head or foot crossbars
* A fully flat sleeping surface
Wanderer Folding Foam mattress* Folds up small for easy storage
* Comfortable polyester cover
* Opened size L180 x W74 x H6.5cm
Read More!
Oz TrailSelf Inflating leisure mattress* Self-inflating: simply open the valve and the mattress does the work for you
* Will remain in a lofted state even with the valve open
* High-density open cell foam for maximum comfort and support
Read more!
  • Browse camping beds at BCF

Camping furniture

Camping furniture has come along way from just throwing everything in a milk crate. These days you can buy cupboards, kitchens, pantries and more. They are all lightweight and fold-able. This makes them easy to transport and an integral part of anyone’s camping kit.

camp fire in Gippsland

The camping furniture will be most beneficial to those who are planning on camping longer than a few days. They will help to keep your clothes, foods and accessories organised while camping in Gippsland.

BrandDescriptionFeaturesRead more
Kathmandu Portable single cupboard shelves * Zipped door with mesh window that can be rolled and secured to the side
* Two slip pockets on each side for extra storage
* Quick and easy to assemble
* Flattens to fit in a carry bag
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Wanderer Folding table with storage * Folding camping table with plenty of storage for meal prep
* Includes hanging storage cupboard to keep you organised
* 2 adjustable height positions for versatility
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Wanderer Dual cupboard cooking station * Durable aluminium slat top and shelf
* Rugged powder-coated steel frame and windshield
* Windbreak to prevent stove flare-ups
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Camp ovens and cookers

Sometimes Gippsland camp spots don’t have places for a fire to cook your camping food or campfire cooking is not allowed. It might be a total fire ban day and so on. This means you will need some sort of camping cooking stove to cook meals, boil the kettle and more.

preparing camp food

Don’t get me wrong, a good campfire cooking arsenal will contain a cast iron camp oven and a flat plate cooker that can be put over an open fire.

You can buy a number of different devices from the gas canister cooker to the LPG 2 burner cooker to an even enclosed oven that will cook you a Sunday roast to be proud of. Let’s have a look at what’s on offer

BrandDescriptionFeaturesRead more
GasmateButane stove* High heat output
* New 2 stage overpressure safety shut off device
* Convenient carry case for storage
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Gasmate Double butane stove with hotplate * Includes hotplate and hard carry case for easy storage and transport
* Includes new safety shut off the device; if over-pressure occurs cartridge will eject and gas supply will shut off
* Stainless steel spill tray and top with flame protection ring
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Oz TrailFlatplate cooker* Flameproof painted finish
* Large capacity solid plate with oil drain
* Built in carry handle with folding legs for quick set up
* Carry bag included for transport and storage
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PioneerPre-seasoned camp oven* Heavy-duty cast iron camp oven to stand up to punishment out in the bush
* Comfortable spiral steel carry handle
* Pre-seasoned with a vegetable oil mix so your food doesn’t taste metallic
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Lights and power for camping

We certainly need some form of lighting for bush camping, they are definitely camping essentials. There will be times you need to find something in the tent at night, you may have to head to the bushes to go to the toilet or you may need to make sure the steaks are not burning.

What lighting is available for camping?

There is everything from torches to re-chargeable hand-held lights and LPG lanterns to provide you with the lights you will need for your camping trip in Gippsland.

Portable power supply might be handy in the form of a battery pack or generator for some.

BrandDescriptionFeaturesRead more
RetreatPowerful handheld lighting* Four lighting choices – high, medium, low and flashing
* Impact resistant – up to one metre (three feet)
* Utilises LED bulbs – energy efficient with a long lifespan
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ColemanLight and sound lantern* Provides full 360 degrees of light
* Built in bluetooth speaker
* Rechargeable via USB for versatile power
* Up to 20hrs of music from a full charge
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Tent light and fan
* Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
* Two-speed fan
* Multi-use mounting bracket – table stand or hanging
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Engel Smart battery box * 300w modified sine wave inverter can power both 12v and 240v appliances
* Recharge via 12/24v, 240v (cables included) and Anderson Connection
* Provides portable power, a battery management system and a dual-battery management system in one
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We hope this Gippsland Camping equipment guide has you out and about on the campgrounds of our great area as soon as possible. Gippsland is a beautiful spot to go camping and everyone should enjoy their Travels in Gippsland, so just remember to leave your campsite how you found or in even better condition if possible.

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Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. “I think I know a thing or 2 about Gippsland”. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids

Port of Sale Heritage Cruise

Port of Sale Heritage Cruise

Just behind the brand new Port of Sale facility in Sale Gippsland, you will find a delightful piece of history moored at the dock waiting to take you on a magnificent journey down the Thomson River. The Rubeena will take you back in time as you glide through the water on your Port of Sale Heritage cruise down towards the Sale Swing Bridge.

The Heritage Cruise has quickly become a brilliant Sale tourist attraction and is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family throughout the year. The Rubeena and the Port of Sale Heritage Cruises are one of the only heritage river cruise companies that I know of in this area.

Port Of Sale
The Rubeena, built-in 1912

The history of The Rubeena

This local treasure, The Rubeena, started its life at a time when WW1 was in full swing. Imagine what it would have been like to be a part of the era and riding The Rubeena as a lifeline to your home or to your business in the Gippsland area. You are able to do this as you sit and listen to the history this magnificent boat has seen.

The Rubeena has been plying its trade of ferrying passengers constantly in the Gippsland area since 1912. The Rubeena has spent most of its life on the Gippsland Lakes in Lakes Entrance and Lake Tyers area before making the Port of Sale it’s home a few years ago now.

Where do we board the Rubeena?

The Rubeena is moored at the Port of Sale. There will be signs for you to follow to find your way to the boat for your cruise time.

heritage (1 of 1)-6

As you approach The Rubeena, the skipper Alan will be on board waiting for passengers to arrive. Alan really resembles a skipper in his vest with his grey hair and a Captain’s hat. Alan joyfully welcomed us on board his fine vessel.

Chatting to Alan we discovered that Alan has spent most of his life in Sale and has a keen interest in local history. Alan was the town engineer in Sale Victoria for many years until the mid-1990s.

The Port of Sale’s history

Alan told us about the boat, its history and the Port of Sale. The Port of Sale was man-made Gippsland Port to allow access from the region to Melbourne by water. Rivers were diverted, the soil was moved, swampland was reclaimed and bridges were built.  At this stage in the 1880s, there was no train access between Gippsland and Melbourne. The Port of Sale helped open up Gippsland to the rest of Victoria.

Port of Sale Heritage Cruisers
The Rubeena cruising up the river

How fast does the Rubeena go?

The Rubeena cruises down the Thomson River at 5 knots an hour, a nice steady pace that allows you to take in your surroundings.

What times does The Rubeena cruise the Thomson River?

You will find the Rubeena ready to glide down the river with you on board at 10.00 am and 2.00 pm daily.

If you have a large group and would like a private tour outside of these times you can contact the staff at the Rubeena to organise this. The website is Sale Heritage Cruises

How long is a Port of Sale heritage cruise?

The total journey time is roughly 1 and a half to 2 hours duration.

How much does a Port of Sale Heritage Cruise cost?

There are different prices for the family. If you are booking for a large group please contact the team at Sale Heritage Cruises to discuss this with them.

Children under 15$15
Family (2 adults, 3 kids)$80

What will I see during my Thomson River Cruise?

The banks of the Thomson River are filled with river gums, natives and sacred Aboriginal trees. Alan happily points out local wildlife such as Whistling Kites, Pelicans, Sea Eagles and Kingfishers just to name of few.

Koala’s everywhere on the Port of Sale Heritage Cruise

For me, the real highlight was the Koala’s, Yes, Koala’s sitting high in their gum trees on the banks eating leaves and sleeping. No matter how many times you see this iconic Australian animal it is always an amazing experience.

Port of Sale Heritage Cruisers
Looking contented in the river gum tree’s

In its natural habitat, the small grey bears are hard to spot in the big leafy gum trees. Alan told me he tries to come down to the river every day even if he has no passengers aboard the Rubeena just to keep track of where the koalas are so he can point them out to passengers.

Port of Sale Heritage Cruisers
A koala having a Snooze

I was really impressed by Alan’s dedication as I didn’t realise we had so many Koalas in this area. As you can probably understand koalas are a highlight for Australian’s let alone, foreigners that the Port of Sale Heritage Cruise’s regularly has on board. Alan slows the boat so you can take pictures of the koala’s and I must admit I happily snapped away.

See trees used by Aboriginal people to craft items

Port of Sale heritage Cruises
The canoe or Sacred tree used by the Koori people

The sacred Aboriginal trees still bear the scars of the Gunaikurnai tribe. The Gunaikurnai people are the Traditional Owners of the Gippsland Region. The Gunaikurnai people, removed lengths of bark from a tree for use to make bark canoes, shields, infant carriers, bowls and gunyahs (bark huts). As you approach the Heritage-listed Swing Bridge you will see a sculpture celebrating the creation story of Borun the Pelican & Tuk the Musk Duck.

‘A long time ago the first people were animals and the first Gunaikurnai Man was Borun (a Pelican) Borun came a long, long way from the hills, looking for a place to live, carrying a bark canoe on his head. He’s walking, walking and he hears tapping! Looks here, looks there, nothing! Where’s the tap, tap coming from? He comes to a river puts down the canoe and what’s inside? Tuk (a Musk duck). Borun sees Tuk, likes Tuk and they start the Gunaikurnai people.’

Port of Sale
A sculpture representing the Koori creation story at sale Swing Bridge

A truly unique bridge seen on Port of Sale Heritage Cruises

The Sale Swing Bridge remains only one of 6 ever built in Australia and one of 105 ever built worldwide. The Sale Swing Bridge was able to pivot, allowing boats to pass the bridge before returning to its original position for horse-drawn traffic and later cars to cross over it. The swing bridge still opens to this day a few times a year letting boats in and out.

Port of Sale
The Heritage-listed Swing Bridge

The Sale Swing Bridge played an important role in the development of Gippsland ports and was not closed to traffic until 2003. As much surveying of the surrounding area’s the best access to Gippsland was from the sea. This was by either through Port Albert, south of Sale, through the Gippsland Lakes or any other of the Gippsland ports.

Because of this Sale, Victoria became the transport hub of the Gippsland area. The construction of a direct land link to Melbourne by road or rail was stalled by the wetlands north of Western Port Bay.

When the railway was completed it competed for business with the Port of Sale for several decades. Like all things sooner or later the faster option always wins. The speed of the railway and later the roads eventually forced the closure of the Port of Sale in 1938.

Port of Sale
Reflections off the Thomson River

The Heart Morass Reserve

A kilometre past the Sale Swing Bridge this heritage cruise line turns around near the environmentally significant Heart morass reserve. This is a local wetlands area that has a large range of native wildlife and is a great area for birdwatching in Gippsland.

After we spent some time looking out for some native birds we made our way back up the Thomson River. Alan has a number of books and photo’s on board the boat for you to have a look at. These books are all about local history and many feature pictures from early last century.

As far as heritage river cruises go The Port of Sale Heritage Cruise is unique in the Gippsland area being the only river cruise companies running tours at this end of the Gippsland Lakes.

Some frequently asked questions about the Rubeena

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the port of sale Heritage cruise and what you should know before you board the boat.

Are there toilets on board?

There are no toilets on board the Rubeena but there are public toilets located at the Port of Sale where you start and finish your journey.

Can you buy food and drink on board?

Light refreshments are included in the price of your tickets but if you have dietary requirements or allergies you should make sure you have some of your prefered snacks with you or make sure you have made it known when you are booking your ticket.

Does the Rubeena run all year round?

This is a good all-weather experience although you may have a better view of the animals that live on the banks during the warmer months.

Did we enjoy our Thomson River Heritage Cruise?

heritage (1 of 1)-13

I for one very much enjoyed our 2-hours on the Port of Sale Heritage Cruise. It is a must for locals and visitors as it is one of the top things to do in Sale. The boat is sheltered by the banks of the river from the wind and blinds on the boat can be shut to keep the rain out.

Port of Sale
Just because one can really not have enough Koala pictures in any article!

Do you need accommodation in Sale?

If you are staying in Sale for a few days during your Travels in Gippsland this will help you find the perfect accommodation for you.

We hope you take time to explore the newly developed Port of Sale precinct. You will find a new building featuring the Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale Visitor Information Centre, The Wedge Performing Arts Centre plus food and drinks options.

We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland has you inspired to visit Sale. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Gippsland click through to our Gippsland Attractions page for more brilliant Gippsland inspiration.

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About the Author

Mark has grown up and lived in the Gippsland area all his life. “I think I know a thing or 2 about Gippsland”. When Mark is not working he is out exploring the best of Gippsland with his wife and kids