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Gippsland is a region in the State of Victoria, Australia. Gippsland runs from the east of Melbourne all the way to the New South Wales border. Gippsland is home to beaches, farmland, mountains, forests, and lakes.

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    The beach is one of the major attractions in Lakes Entrance. It draws people from both near and far to swim in these amazing waters. The Lakes Entrance beaches are covered in soft sand with plenty of room for beach lovers. At times, if you are lucky, you may be the only person on this … Read more
  • The best things to do in Bairnsdale
    Bairnsdale in East Gippsland is the gateway to so many places in Gippsland. As you travel through the picturesque town many keep going without giving a stay in Bairnsdale a thought. There are so many things to do in Bairnsdale and surrounds that you should definitely consider a stay in Bairnsdale on your next Gippsland … Read more
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The Gippsland Lakes

  • Best things to do near Metung
    Metung is one of the most popular towns on the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria Australia. A quaint little waterside village attracts visitors from far and wide. People visit to enjoy the scenery and tranquillity of this area on the Gippsland Lakes. The town centre only has a handful of shops serving great food and drinks … Read more
  • 5 things to do in Lakes Entrance
    For many people visiting Gippsland in summer means only one thing, time to hit the beaches! Gippsland is blessed with some great beaches and none are more popular than the 90 Mile Beach in Lakes Entrance. Lakes Entrance is the capital of the 90 Mile Beach. Tourists flock in their droves to visit the Gippsland Lakes in … Read more
  • Best things to do in Metung
    Metung is the upmarket village on the shore of the Gippsland Lakes. With 5-star accommodation and a handful of boutique stores, there’s not much to do in the town. What the town doesn’t have, the activities on the water definitely make up for it and they are some of the best things to do in … Read more

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