Best things to do near Metung

Metung is one of the most popular towns on the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria Australia. A quaint little waterside village attracts visitors from far and wide. People visit to enjoy the scenery and tranquillity of this area on the Gippsland Lakes. The town centre only has a handful of shops serving great food and drinks from the local area.

All the very best things to do near Metung

Metung is in an enviable location, which means there are many things to do near Metung. From wildlife to history, from shopping to National Parks there is something for everyone to see near Metung.

Raymond Island near Metung

Raymond Island is located in the Gippsland Lakes near Paynesville. What makes Raymond Island special is its Koalas. Raymond Island is separated from the town of Paynesville by a channel of water that can be crossed every 20 minutes by ferry. You can either take a car onto the ferry to drive around the small island for a fee or you can go on the ferry o foot which is free. Once you are on Raymond Island, there is a clearly marked 1.3km Koala walk around the island where you can walk to see the Koalas in their natural habitat.

Yes, a Koala walk is one of the outstanding things to do in the Gippsland region. You will see markers on rocks and signed posts even painted koalas on the ground lead you in the right direction. The walk can be done in as little as 30 minutes depending on how many Koalas you see and how long you stay to look at these amazing animals.

While it is a good track it is gravel for some of the ways so be careful with wheelchairs and prams. It is always a great thrill to see Koalas in the wild and if you are lucky you may also get to see kangaroos, echidnas, swans or dolphins while you are on Raymond Island. There are no shops on the island but there are a bbq area and plenty of holiday homes. 

Distance from Metung to Raymond Island: 46 kilometres

Nyerimilang Heritage Park

Nyerimilang Heritage Park dates back to the late 18th century when the land was purchased as a place to go hunting and fishing on the Gippsland Lakes. Over the years since, the park has been owned by millionaires, church groups and finally Park Victoria.

The land has a colonial period homestead that is open for the public to visit. The Homestead has furniture and fittings from its period of construction. The Heritage Park at Nyerimilang today has areas for picnics, walking trails, tourist information and a fishing jetty for the public to use. The walks range from a few hundred meters to a few kilometres return.

The semi-formal gardens around the Homestead feature such varieties as Austral Indigo, Kangaroo Apple, Native Pigface, Tiger Orchard, Coast Grey Box and more. Animals and birds around the park include Blue Tongue Lizard, Eastern Long Neck Turtle, feather tailed Glider, Powerful Owl, Azure Kingfisher, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo and many more.

Distance from Metung to Nyerimilang Heritage Park: 10.6 kilometres

Stony Creek Trestle Bridge

Located in the Colquhoun State Forest between Lakes Entrance and Nowa Nowa is a mighty relic from the past.  A huge trestle bridge that used to support the train line from Bairnsdale to Orbost. At 247 meters long and 20 meters high, it is the largest standing wooden trestle bridge of its kind in the State of Victoria. The bridge is listed on the Register of Historic Sites.

A short 3-kilometre drive into the forest will have you face to face with the bridge. Today the Trestle Bridge at Stony Creek forms part of the East Gippsland Railtrail. You cannot walk on the wooden trestle bridge anymore as its top decking is in a state of disrepair and there are no guard rails on the sides but you can ride past and walk under it. The top deck is actually fenced off to stop people from getting out onto the bridge There are toilets and picnic tables at the site

Distance from Metung to Stony Creek Trestle Bridge: 38.4 kilometres

The Entrance Walk

Lakes Entrance is where the sea meets the Gippsland Lakes. The current Entrance was built early in the 19th century to allow fishing boats from the Lakes system to access the waters of Bass Strait. In order to walk to the entrance, you must first cross the footbridge to the 90-mile beach. The Entrance Walk is a 5-kilometre journey along Cunningham Arm or the 90 Mile Beach depending on your choice.

Along the way, you will find historical markers that tell you about the history of the Entrance buildings. Most days you will see seals and or dolphins swimming in and around the waters of the entrance. Expect to take 3 hours return for this journey. If you are lucky you might just see some dolphins at the entrance.

There are no shops along the Entrance walk so you will need to take enough water for the journey and if you need snacks as well.

Distance from Metung to Lakes Entrance: 20.4 kilometres

Buchan Caves

The Buchan Caves are an absolute gem that has to be seen to be believed. The near 400 million-year-old limestone formations were carved out by an underground river. Now you can tour the Fairy Cave or the Royal Cave to see the stalactite and stalagmite pillars that were discovered by Frank Moon back in 1907.

Today the Buchan Caves Reserve has bbq areas, playgrounds, hiking trails, an information area and a general store. The area is a magnet for native wildlife. At Buchan Caves Reserve you will see Kangaroos laying about the campground and native birds such as the Bell Miner, Powerful Owl, Superb Lyrebird and Pied Currawong.

Distance from Metung to Buchan Caves: 71.3 kilometres

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Where to stay in Metung Gippsland

There are so many places to stay in Metung Victoria for every budget. If you are looking for a 5-star hotel to a Metung Air BnB there is something for everyone.

Metung apartment alternative for your stay in Gippsland

Some people prefer a home away from home style accommodation and a Metung apartment is perfect for that. Check out the map below to find the perfect apartment in Metung.

Metung accommodation for couples

Metung is the perfect getaway for a quiet, romantic staycation. From luxury accommodation to small boutique hotels for couples.

The Moorings at Metung

The Moonings at Metung Gippsland have suites with a spa and views over the Gippsland Lakes. The property has indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court and a private mariner take a romantic stroll along the Bancroft Bay boardwalk into the town centre. The Yacht Club and bowls club is a 10-minute walk while the local golf course is a 7-minute drive.

For more information and bookings click here

Accommodation Metung for families

Family budget accommodation in Metung is in abundance. From cheap tent sites to large cabins for bigger travelling families there is a brilliant assortment of family accommodation around Metung.

Metung Holiday Village

The Metung Holiday Village offers a range of 2 bedroom family villas. Starting with a standard villa and increasing to you reach the deluxe villa. Each unit is fully self-contained with a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. WiFi comes standard with your stay. There is a pool onsite for those warm summer stays.

For more information and bookings click here

Budget accommodation at Metung

As we have said before you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your holiday on the Gippsland Lakes. There is plenty of budget accommodation in Metung where you will get amazing accommodation.

Metung Waters

The Metung Waters offers a queen room with free wifi and a flatscreen tv for your viewing. If your visiting in the warmer months you have air conditioning to keep you cool.

Coffee maker for the kick starts in the morning with a patio or balcony to drink it on. Metung Waters offer nice clean and quiet but basic rooms for a budget stay in the Metung area

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How to get to Metung

Metung is located in East Gippsland on the Gippsland Lakes. You will need to travel past Bairnsdale and turn off at Swan Reach on the Princes Highway to reach Metung. Metung is 15 kilometres from Swan Reach. To get from Melbourne to Metung the distance is 331 kilometres.

We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland has you inspired to visit Metung in East Gippsland and shows you what to do in Metung. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Gippsland click through to our Gippsland Lakes page for more brilliant inspiration.

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