Central Gippsland

Central Gippsland occupies a broad stretch of plains between the Latrobe Valley to the west and the Gippsland Lakes to the east and between the Great Dividing Range to the north and Bass Strait (Ninety Mile Beach) to the south. Near the mouth of the Latrobe River is the main town Sale, which has a population of about 17,000(including Wurruk and Longford) , a nearby air force base, and as a centre for the offshore gas fields in the Bass Strait. It was one of the earliest settled areas of Gippsland, whose early economy was aided by the presence of a river port. Other main towns in Central Gippsland include Rosedale, Maffra noted for butter manufacture, and Stratford on the Avon River. Smaller towns include Heyfield, Coongulla, Cowwarr and Newry

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