Cape Conran – Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland

Cape Conran – Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland

A visit to Gippsland for a BBQ is a great idea and there is no better spot than Cape Conran. You will find plenty of things to do at Cape Conran including a BBQ area that looks out towards the water. Cape Conran is a major Gippsland attraction that is a favourite for locals and returning visitors alike.

Visitors come here for peace and tranquillity along the beach. While you have your BBQ at Cape Conran you can watch birds fly over the ocean, take a quick dip, have a fish or just sit by the water and relax. It is definitely a slice of heaven on earth for any one who visits.

Where is Cape Conran?

Cape Conran National Park is located in far East Gippsland. Turning off at Orbost you follow the Snowy River to where it meets the sea. You will drive along the coast through the banksia with occasional ocean views till you get to Cape Conran. It is a beautiful scenic drive in Gippsland and one well worth the trip to Gippsland for.

The first sign you will see takes you to the West Cape at Conran. West Cape is beautiful and dramatic with its ocean swells crashing over the rocks and white sand beach stretching around the coastline as far as the eye can see.

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Where is the best place for a BBQ at Cape Conran?

We need to get to East Cape for our BBQ. East Cape BBQ area is set amongst the trees on the foreshore with ocean views. It is one of the most scenic places in Gippsland to have a BBQ.

BBQ hot plates waiting

What BBQ facilities are at Cape Conran?

You will find the following facilities waiting for you.

  • Free Electric BBQ
  • Picnic Tables
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Shower (for after swimming)
Seating area with the best view

Things to do at Cape Conran

Things to do at Cape Conran include swimming, fishing, camping and walking trails. An easy walk from the BBQ area at Cape Conran is the East Cape Boardwalk. The boardwalk goes around the East Cape on a very scenic walk. You will find plenty of rock pools depending on the tide where you can find marine life such as star fish and crabs.

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Why is Cape Conran perfect for a BBQ?

What strikes me about this area is the beach. The sand is powder white and unspoilt. You will see no high rises, no shops and no hotels. It is just white and the sound of the waves rolling in as you cook your bbq or relax on the beach sunbaking, playing or swimming.

Can you fish at Cape Conran?

Fishing off the beach can produce great catches of tailor and salmon. If you are good with filleting maybe you can cook your catch on the bbq in foil with some lemon.

Looking along the beach

When is the best time to visit Cape Conran?

If you avoid the school holiday periods you may even have the place nearly to yourself. Cape Conron is some of the best Gippsland coastal wilderness you will find in this area. Get in the car today and have a look!

The rock pools

Places to visit near Cape Conran

Don’t forget to stop in Marlo and Orbost on your way to visiting Cape Conran. A beer or soft drink at the Marlo pub on the deck overlooking the water is an unforgettable Gippsland Experience.

The Orbost tourist information centre is located in an old high country hut. It worth a look just for the hut. If you are lucky the hut will be manned by a volunteer and you can hear the story of how it came to be in the town of Orbost. It really is a great story and a great way to learn something on your Travels in Gippsland

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Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland – Newlands Arms

Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland – Newlands Arms

Where: Newlands Arm Boat Ramp on The Gippsland Lakes

Whats there: At the Newlands Arms boat ramp you will find 2 hotplates ready for a BBQ. The BBQ’s are free to use. There is a child playground onsite, its only small but enough the keep the kids occupied while you cook. The kid’s playground is covered by a shade cloth, which is great for the sun protection.

There are 3 sets of picnic tables, 2 under cover of a shade sail and one near the edge of the water in direct sunlight. There are public toilet facilities available to use. We have had a bbq a few times at Newlands Arms and found this location to be empty and uncrowded.

You will usually have the bbq facilities for yourself. This means the hot plates are generally clean and ready for use.

BBQ Tips: When using public bbq’s it is always best to bring some BBQ cleaner and a BBQ mat. 

Newlands arms bbq area
Newlands Arm from a drone

There is only 1 store at Newlands Arms, a handy convenience store selling the essentials. We suggest you bring everything you need for a bbq with you to Newlands Arms.

Things to do at Newlands Arms bbq area:

  • Swimming – shallow sandy calm waters great for little kids
  • Kite Flying – There is usually a light breeze.
  • Fishing – There is a jetty to fish off
  • Canoeing and boating
  • Ball Games – There is a large grass area adjacent to the BBQ area for kicking a football and cricket.
  • Drone flying

Where is Newlands Arms:

Newlands Arms is located just a stone through away from Paynesville Victoria and Bairnsdale on the Princes Highway in Gippsland.

  • Bairnsdale to Newlands Arms 17.8km
  • Paynesville to Newlands Arms 10.9km

Where to stay at Newlands Arms:

There are no hotels – motels in Newlands Arms. Your best choice is Paynesville accommodation. Paynesville has one of best things to do in Gippsland. The Raymond Island Koala Walk is a special experience for the whole family

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Blue waters of the Gippsland Lakes

Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland – Lake Glenmaggie

Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland – Lake Glenmaggie

Where: Lake Glenmaggie Weir Wall reserve

Whats there: At the Lake Glenmaggie weir wall reserve you will find 4 hotplates on 2 different BBQ’s. The BBQs at Lake Glenmaggie in Gippsland are electric and free to use.

There is a shelter shed at the reserve with tables inside to escape any wind and weather on the day. You will also find picnic tables outside for use on a sunny day. The views of the Weir are amazing.

Lake Glenmaggie near Heyfield

Facilities: You will find a kids playground. There is some play equipment, swings and a slide to keep the young ones occupied. There is plenty of open space to kick a ball around or play some cricket.

There are toilets close by with easy access. Inside the shelter shed, you will find an information section. This little room tells you about the history of Glenmaggie Weir from construction through to massive floods and high waters levels throughout its history

The bbq area at Lake Glenmaggie Gippsland
BBQ hot plate at Glnmaggie Weir wall reserve


Location Tip: Glenmaggie Weir Wall reserve is a carry in carrying out location. You won’t find any rubbish bins so bring some plastic bags to put your rubbish in.

How do I get here: 

Lake Glenmaggie Weir Wall reserve can be accessed via Tinamba on the Tinamba – Newry road then turning left onto the Tinamba – Glenmaggie maggie road till your reach Weir road. Follow Weir Road till you see the entry to the reserve. Likewise, from Heyfield follow the Heyfield – Glenmaggie road and turn onto Weir Road.

Accommodation: On the other side of the Lake Glenmaggie is the Glenmaggie Caravan Park. It has sites for caravans and tents. Lake Glenmaggie Caravan Park is popular in the summer months with families. Glenmaggie Weir is popular for water sports such as skiing and jet ski’s.

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camping ground at TimbarraMain street of Heyfield