13 best things to do in Gippsland in summer

Gippsland in summer is all about getting outdoors and exploring. Many of the Gippsland towns are meccas for holiday tourists looking to enjoy a marvellous get away from everyday life. A Gippsland summer delivers many warm, perfect days, making it ideal for summer activities.

We have some great suggestions for you to explore Gippslands best summer activities on your trip to Gippsland. While some aren’t for everyone you will find the perfect activity in Gippsland for you and your travelling party.

Best things to do in Gippsland in summer

Gippsland is a wonderful hidden gem in the East of Victoria Australia and is definitely a place that must be on your list of places to visit. From mighty mountains to pristine beaches we always say that Gippsland doesn’t just have something for everyone it has it all!

Here are all the very best things to do in Gippsland in summer.

Go Camping

Gippsland is an amazing place for a camping trip. You have both mountains and beaches to camp near. Gippsland is full of both free and paid camping options. For free camping, you have the 90-Mile Beach between Seaspray and Golden Beach as a coastal option. Near Dargo and Licola you will find free plots in the mountains. For a more inclusive experience, there are caravan parks stretching from Phillip Island all the way to Mallacoota.

two tents lite up with light bulbs while camping in Gippsland

Have fun on a waterslide

Both Traralgon Regional Aquatic Centre and Gumbuya World have waterslides. Gumbuya World has a whole water park area featuring numerous slides, while the Aquatic Centre in Traralgon has 2 slides for your fun. Gumbya World is a brilliant day trip to Gippsland from Melbourne.

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Star Gaze

Gippsland in summer is the perfect place to find an open space and catch the stunning night sky. Many photographers visit Gippsland to get the magical night sky and you can too. Getting away from the hustle and bustle in Gippsland in summer is easy and seeing the perfect night sky is a must.

Go on a boating experience

Gippsland with its amazing wildlife is perfect for a sightseeing cruise. You can choose a cruise to see whales, seals and dolphins that leave from Phillip Island, Wilson’s Promontory and Lakes Entrance. In Lakes Entrance, you can hire your own put-put boat to explore the Gippsland Lakes without a boat license.

a colony of seals in the water at Phillip Island

Visit a winery

Gippsland is blessed with some amazing wineries. Most Gippsland wineries these days also offer a food option to compliment their wines. Blue Gables near Maffra offers outdoor seating and food cooked in the pizza oven. Lightfoot and sons near Bairnsdale offer a tasting platter of the best Gippsland Produce to suit their wines.

Wild Dog Winery near Warragul has a wetlands area and walking tracks to explore, along with amazing Gippsland wines.

Visit an island in Gippsland

There are two main islands in Gippsland that are easily accessible. Phillip Island and Raymond Island are the 2 best in Gippsland. Phillip Island with its iconic Penguin Parade, Chocolate Factory and wildlife cruises while Raymond Island has its Koala walk. For those with a keen sense of adventure, Gabo Island in far East Gippsland has a lighthouse to explore, with transfers available from Mallacoota.

Go Gold Prospecting in Gippsland

The mountainous regions near Dargo and Woods Point – Walhalla were once some of the richest gold mining regions in Australia. Searching for gold has become really popular, with metal detectors coming back into popularity. Grab yourself a gold mining pan and metal detector. And get out into the bush areas of Gippsland.

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See a waterfall in Gippsland

Gippsland is blessed with quite a few waterfalls to find and explore. Most of the waterfalls also have toilet and picnic areas close by. Some of the best Gippsland waterfalls include Agnes Falls in South Gippsland, Young’s Creek waterfall near Orbost, Morwell River Falls near Boolara and Tooronga Falls Reserve near Noojee. These waterfalls are all accessible with a short walk from their parking areas

Josie Withers | Gippsland 2017

Gippsland Markets

Every weekend there is a market in Gippsland. The Gippsland market usually falls into 2 categories, The Framers market and the Bric and Brac Sunday markets. The farmer’s markets normally showcase the freshest and best produce from our region. The Sunday markets have everything from plants, second-hand tools, videos, music, and more. Head out to a Gippsland market today.

Swim at a patrolled beach

With Gippsland in summer being so busy you will find many of the epic, pristine beaches we have here are patrolled. This is brilliant for tourists and locals alike. If you have friends that are not good swimmers you can find a patrolled beach in places like Inverloch, Seaspray and Lakes Entrance.

Catch a sunrise or sunset

Wherever you are in Gippsland you will find a spot to get the perfect sunrise or sunset shot, especially if you are camping or staying out of the built-up areas. Many of the towns have places where you can catch the perfect sunset from the balcony or sunrise from the front porch.

Visit a Gippsland Museum

Gippsland has a wealth of different museums to keep everyone happy. In Maffra you will find the acclaimed Gippsland Vehicle Collection while in Morwell there is the informative Power Works Museum. The Shell Museum in Lakes Entrance is popular with visitors, while the Port Albert Maritime Museum showcases Gippsland water history and the National Vietnam Veterans Museum on Phillip Island celebrates our soldiers.

a gippsland museum at maffra

Road trip in Gippsland in summer

If you live in Gippsland or you are staying in Gippsland in summer for an extended time then let that breeze go through your hair and take a road trip in Gippsland. There are so many wonderful small towns to visit in Gippsland that you will find something to see, do or taste in any of them.

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We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland has you inspired to visit Gippsland and see all of the gorgeous things this area has to offer.

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