The intriguing Cowwarr Ghost Adventures

Cowwarr is not the type of town where you would expect to find one of Gippsland’s most unique tours, Cowwarr Ghost Adventures. Most people would drive through the main street without giving the town a second thought. Cowwarr is a very small rural town that has a population of a little over 300 people, with 1 general store and one pub in the main street.

Where is Cowwarr?

Most people pass through Cowwarr going the back way between Traralgon and Maffra, to avoid the road works on the highway. A once thriving town that was a hub for the goldfields of Gippsland it was a stop on the rail line. The rail line much like many local businesses of the past is long gone. Cowwarr Ghost Adventures might be just about to change that.

Where do we join the Cowwarr Ghost Adventures?

Our Friday night tout started at 8.30 pm in front of the local town hall. As the day was turning to night our guide Daryl made his way across the road from the direction of the Cowwarr pub. Daryl was dressed as half bushranger in his hat and coat and half colonial gentlemen with his pants and vest on.

Daryl introduced himself, and we learned about his interests in all things history and paranormal in Cowwarr. Just to put it out their upfront the tour is not just about the ghosts in Cowwarr. Daryl will take you on a journey through the history of this one thriving mining camp settlement. Cowwarr was established in the 1860s, the town serviced the area around Walhalla during the Victorian Gold Rush.

What do you learn on the Ghost Adventure in Cowwarr?

You learn about the history of the town hall, the local pub, school and building in the main street of town, how Cowwarr was once a thriving town that slowly went into decline before re-establishing itself as a small community-based town you see today.

Where do you go on the Cowwarr Ghost Adventure?

As Daryl leads you into the back streets of the town you learn about bomb shelters, and old town lockups, and letters from soldiers on the western front. Cowwarr has no cenotaph or recognised War Memorial but you will find 13 pine trees lineup that memorializes the war dead from Cowwarr. Daryl told us it is always cooler in this part of town.

From here the tour gets into the spooky side of things with sightings of the ghosts of children in the park, curtains moving in an unoccupied house, the sounds of phantom horses galloping, spontaneous combustion, knocking sounds and sightings in windows. I don’t want to go too far into depth as to spoil the tour when you head to Cowwarr.

Where does the Ghost Tour end?

The tour finishes up out the front of the Cowwarr Pub and if you are lucky you will get a trip into the pub’s cellar where the ghost of Daniel Gleeson has been seen by the owners and patrons alike.

Daniel has a thing for potato chips that are often found randomly moved from the point of sale.

How long does the Ghost Adventure go for?

The tour goes for 2 hours and flows along at a good pace, keeping everyone interested and entertained with the happening of the past and present in Cowwarr. Don’t forget to support local business by finishing your night with a drink at the Cowwarr Pub before heading home.

Did we enjoy the Ghost Tour in Cowwarr?

What I can and will say is that Daryl does an amazing job and is continuing to work on his local knowledge and history to make the tour even more engrossing as time goes by.

We highly recommend this ghost tour for the whole family. Daryl is very intuitive and can turn a word as not to worry any of the people on the tour including kids. It is a great family-friendly activity in Gippsland.

The walk around town is easy along roads and footpaths so it is good for anyone who is able to walk and stand for an amount of time.

We hope this article from us here at Travels in Gippsland has you inspired to visit Cowwarr and go on an amazing Ghost adventure with Daryl. For more amazing ideas on where to holiday in Gippsland click through to our tours in Gippsland page for more brilliant inspiration.

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