The Best way to see the different places you can go horse riding in Gippsland is to join a local Trail Riding Club These Gippsland based clubs who usually run a ride each month in a different location. We are lucky in Gippsland as we have a few clubs to choose from in the area.

Rosedale Heritage Trail Riding Club

Toongabbie Trail Riding Club

Tambo Upper Trail Riding Club.

Cost: Australia Trail Horse Riding Association Yearly membership – $100 or Day membership – or around $15 for a day membership. There are sometimes extra costs per ride, which may include lunches and camping etc

Coonawarra Trail Rides (starting at $40)
If you don’t have your own horse Coonawarra also run trail rides, They do rides from an hour to overnighter trips

Rosedale also runs a yearly fundraising trail ride, previously it has been from Port Albert to Rosedale. This year they are changing it up and running one from Toongabbie on 13th April to raise money for LRHS

Horse riding in Gippsland

Pines plantation; Longford

We love Gippsland trail riding in the pines, Longford is easy to access and there is a nice long ‘blowout’ hill that we use regularly. We enter via the Archery Rd off Longford – Rosedale Rd and park behind the trees opposite the white fence. Others park at the base of the blowout hill.

Motorbike riders also use the pines and have created some handy tracks through the centre of some of the blocks. The main tracks are all gravel, with some blue stone in places. Though you can usually ride to the side of the track or find bike tracks and half block tracks which are usually sandy.

Longford Pines is mainly made up of square blocks, so you can ride for as little as half an hour or for hours. You do need to be aware of where is being logged, and steer clear of the area and the roads the trucks are using. Bike tracks are fun to explore with the kids.

Beach; Seaspray & McGauren’s Beach

Horse Access to Seaspray; Only South West of Merrimens Creek, so can be tricky to access unless you know someone with property adjoining to the beach. If you do cross at the creek, be sure to clean up all manure from the car park and avoid busy times, Locals can be less than friendly to horse riders crossing the creek.

Get a tent today for your Gippsland camping experience


We love the beach, Great fun cantering the horses along in the heavy sand, the kids enjoy playing on the hummocks. Getting horses used to the ocean, always recommend taking an experienced horse, makes getting new horses into the ocean easier. You do need to be aware of the possibility of quicksand, especially on some of the tracks behind the sand dunes.

I would recommend using McGaurens Beach, access via Gifford road and onto McGaurens beach road. This is more user-friendly. Have not been there personally, so not sure what facilities available

Knob Reserve Stratford

The knob is home of the Stratford Pony Club and is a favourite spot for Dog Walkers, Walkers/ Joggers & Horse riders, there is a gravel road that circles most of the knob, there is also a dirt track up the middle.

There are seating areas, both undercover and in the open, Toilets and places to light a fire, down the bottom at the old footy oval. For walkers, there is also a lookout overlooking the Avon River and farmland, no access for horses.

For riders, there are a range of Cross country jumps from Grade 5 (50cm) up to Grade 2 (95cm), Up the top of the grounds there is also 2 menage’s, 1 is a 20mx40m post and rail fenced arena, which is free to use.

The other is 60mx20m which can be hired off the Stratford Pony Club. If jumping is not your forte, you can enjoy a leisurely ride around the grounds.

More about the Knob Reserve

Briagolong Red Gum reserve

Briagolong recreation reserve adjoins the Red Gum Reserve. There are a few kilometres of dirt tracks you can ride through the reserve, there are also a range of cross country jumps here to play on as well, including a ditch jump, these are all grouped together up the hill above the menage. There is also a 60mx20m fenced sand arena to ride on also and some basic yards.

Red Gum Reserve Facebook page

Roseneath Caravan Park

Roseneath is on the far side of lake wellington off the road into Hollands Landing. Used to be able to access the lake at the end of the road, but now access is only through the Caravan Park, so a great place for an overnighter.

There is a paddock available for horses, can build your own yards inside the paddock also. There are bush tracks to ride along, a 2km strip of sand along the edge of the water, The water is nice and shallow for the kids to play in or if you go out far enough you can swim the horses.

Roseneath Caravan Park Website

Protective Gear Worth Considering when Horse Riding

Make sure you have the appropriate safety gear when out horse riding. Accidents do happen, horses can sometimes rear up and shy away causing riders to fall. Here is a list of some safety equipment worth considering

Helmet: Protecting your head is the most import thing. make sure you get a well-fitted helmet that does up tightly. Browse helmets > Here <

Boots. your selection will need a one-inch heel to prevent your foot sliding through the stirrup and getting caught.

Safety stirrups. Use these safety cages on your stirrups to prevent a foot from getting caught up the stirrup in the case of a fall.

Gloves. You’ll have a better grip on the reins and most importantly it will protect your hands from rein burns and blisters. Buy gloves > HERE <

There are many great places to ride your horse in Gippsland. We have only covered a handful of locations in a small area of Gippsland here. We would love to hear any more suggestions for more Gippsland locations for hose riding.

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