Great places to photograph in Gippsland

Having some local insider knowledge will help you take some epic pictures of Gippsland. Today we feature a guest post from renowned East Gippsland photographer Judy Blion. Judy lives and works on the Gippsland Lakes. I asked Judy to tell us about some great places to photograph in Gippsland. For all the photography buffs out there, take note as Judy lists some great photography locations in Gippsland.

Red Bluff Beach, Lake Tyers

Red Bluff Beach is a well-known surfing beach for the locals when the waves are up, and has an amazing and beautiful rocky headland.

Red Bluff lakes Entrance Gippsland Australia at sunrise. The water is dark and the moss on the rocks is highlighted in the front of the picture

Where is Red Bluff Beach?

Red Bluff beach is located at the end of Red Bluff Road, Lake Tyers.

When is the best time to take pictures at Red Bluff Beach?

Sunrise is magical at this location, best photographed when at low tide, as the rocks covered in green moss light up when the sun hits the horizon.

Bancroft Bay, Metung

Bancroft Bay in Metung is one of my favourite places to photograph in Gippsland. I especially love the sunrise pictures that I get from there.

Where is Bancroft Bay?

As you drive along the Metung Road, you will pass a beautiful boardwalk, numerous jetties, and the beautiful waters of Bancroft Bay.

When is the best time to take pictures at Bancroft Bay Metung?

The best time to take photos at Bancroft Bay is during sunrise when the waters can light up in various shades of oranges, reds and pinks.  

Buchan & Buchan Valley

A beautiful spot to travel to is the town of Buchan, in East Gippsland. The Old Buchan Road takes you on a drive above the township of Buchan and overlooks a beautiful vista below. Landscape photographers will love this area.

Buchan Valley Gippsland Australia on a misty morning. It is one of the best places to photograph in Gippsland for its valleys and bush settings

Where is Buchan?

Buchan is located in East Gipplsand. It is around 356 km’s from Melbourne along the M1 freeway.

When is the best time to take pictures in Buchan?

A favourite time to photograph this area is very early on a foggy morning, as the fog looks like a blanket of cloud covering the town below.

Every year on Easter Sunday a rodeo is held. For anyone wanting to get some amazing action shots, this is the place to go. It is a fun-filled day for the whole family.  

Nungurner Jetty – Nungurner

Beautiful boats can often be moored on the jetties, and make for some beautiful photography.  Always a popular spot for fishing, and it is not uncommon to see the Burrunan Dolphins swimming past. 

Nungurner Gippsland Australia at sunset. The orange and pink colours in the sky are so soft and subtle but amazing. The boats are dark in the water but you can see the closest boat well especially the steering wheel

Where is Nungurner Jetty?

Nungurner Jetty is a beautiful spot, located down the Nungurner Jetty Road in Nungurner, East Gippsland

When is the best time to take pictures at Nungurner Jetty?

Sunrise during the summer months can be magical.

Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland

So many places to photograph in the town of Lakes Entrance. From the many jetties along the Cunninghame Arm with fishing trawlers to the beautiful waters of Ninety Mile Beach. You will find Lakes Entrance one of the most diverse places to photograph in Gippsland.

Bullock Island is another magical spot, drop in a fishing line, sit and enjoy the vast variety of birdlife, and if you’re lucky you will see the local Burrunan Dolphins which are often seen as they travel between the Gippsland Lakes and the ocean. 

Where is Lakes Entrance?

Lakes Entrance is located on the 90 mile beach and is a part of the Gippsland Lakes system. Lakes Entrance is located 318 km’s along the M1 from Melbourne

When is the best time to take pictures at Lakes Entrance?

Sunrises during the winter months are better along the North Arm, while in the summer months the sun lights up the Cunninghame Arm.

Sunset photography can be taken from the many viewing areas along the road in and out of Lakes Entrance.

Two favourite spots of mine are Jemmy’s Point Lookout or Kalimna, both overlook the entrance as well as a large area of the Gippsland Lakes below.  

Cape Conran

You can climb over the large rocks to find yourself a nice spot to photograph from. You may even find some stunning rock pools with reflections that will look stunning. If you have a Neutral Density Filter to block out light for your lens, the photos are endless with slowing down movement in the waves.  Lots of birdlife can also be found in the bush areas adjoining the beach.  

Cape Conron Gippsland Australia at sunset. The jetty is coming out of the water with the reflection of the purple and blue sky. The rocks are a stark grey against all of the colours in the picture

Where is Cape Conran?

Cape Conran National Park is located in far East Gippsland. The easiest way is to turn off at Orbost. From there you follow the Snowy River to where it meets the sea.

The drive along the coast will give you even more photography opportunities as you drive along the coast through the banksia with occasional ocean views till you get to Cape Conran.

When is the best time to take pictures at Cape Conran?

Salmon Rock at Cape Conran is a stunning rocky beach area with a jetty, and boat ramp, and is known to produce some brilliant sunset photography over the summer months.

Mallacoota, East Gippsland

The town of Mallacoota is beautiful all year round, but one of my favourite places to photograph in Metung would have to be Bastian Point. A nice wide-angle lens will see you capture some beautiful rock formations, tidal movement, and rock pools.

Where is Mallacoota?  

Mallacoota is a small town in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia.

When is the best time to take pictures at Mallacoota?

The jetties along the foreshore camping area are also well photographed during sunrise and sunsets. The Croajingalong National Park also offers many walking tracks, with lots of local wildlife to be found along the way. If you are looking for places to photograph in Gippsland that has a lot of birdlife this will be for you.

Tambo River

The reflections in the water are magical. If you drive to the very end of the river where it meets Lake King you will find well known and well photographed old dead tree lies at the very end of the river.

Tambo River Gippsland Australia as the sun is going down. It is popping out just a little before it finally sets. The clouds are whispy in the sky and there are dead trees in the water. The reflection on the water is amazing

Where is Tambo River?

This beautiful river is located between Swan Reach & Metung.

When is the best time to take pictures at Tambo River?

The Tambo River has some stunning trees along the water’s edge that make for great sunset photography all year round.

Mitchell River Silt Jetties

There is a lookout at the very start of the Silt Jetties which overlooks the entire area, showing the enormity of these long silt jetties.   

Where are the Mitchell River Silt Jetties?

 Access is from Eagle Point via a car where you can drive to the very end of the headland.

When is the best time to take pictures at the Mitchell River Silt Jetties?

Both sunrise and sunsets can produce some fantastic colours.

Stony Creek Trestle Bridge & Costicks Weir

Great for photography up above or even below in some areas. You can no longer walk across it for safety reasons but still makes for some great photography. Drive a little further down the road and you will find Costicks Weir. After some rain, you can see water trickling over the top, and foaming at the bottom.  

Where is the Stony Creek Trestle Bridge?

Located just out of Nowa Nowa, there is the stunning old Stoney Creek Trestle Bridge.

When is the best time to take pictures at the Stony Creek trestle bridge and the weir?

After some rain, you can see water trickling over the top of the Costicks Weir, and foaming at the bottom. 

I hope this article inspires you to visit Gippsland. There are many more Gippsland destinations for photographers out there waiting to be visited. Why not plan a weekend in Gippsland. I would like to thank Judy for contributing to the Travels in Gippsland website.

Judy can be found on Facebook and Instagram where her images are available for purchase. We hoped you enjoyed this article by Judy. You can find more of the best of Gippsland on our attractions page

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