The Cowwarr Weir is managed by Southern Rural Water. Cowwarr Weir is located in between Traralgon and Maffra just outside of the township of Cowwarr in Gippsland. The weir is a popular destination for swimmers, fishing and canoeing.

The Cowwar Weir was last stocked with 2000 bass in November of 2018.

Camping for Vans and RV’s were once allowed for free camping. This changed in 2018 after constant damage to the facilities caused by campers dumping there rubbish. 

No power boats, jet skis or the like are allowed on the weir, so this makes the Cowwarr Weir the perfect venue for a day out with family and friends. It is a great spot for a bbq or a picnic, why not call in at Cowwar Weir sometime!

Please find below a short video of Cowwarr Weir from above

  • Specifications: GoPro Karma Drone
    •  GoPro Hero 5 Camera – Filmed in 4k.

Cowwarr Weir is located on Rainbow Creek, which is a breakaway section of the Thomson River near the Cowwarr township in Gippsland 

Cowwarr Weir

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