Eat & Drink in Gippsland – Loch Brewery

Eat & Drink in Gippsland – Loch Brewery

Loch Village is located deep in the rolling hills of South Gippsland. The nearest major town to Loch is Korrumbarra home to Coal Creek Heritage Village. Loch Village is located off the South Gippsland Highway. Look for the sign telling you where to turn. There is not much to Loch, just a small main street displaying characteristics of a time gone by when small towns were prosperous and had a sense of community.

Loch Brewery Gippsland

Loch Village has re-established itself as somewhat a destination for food, wine and crafts. The sort of place that attracts city folk on day trips into the country. A drive through the windy hills, lunch and drinks in a small town a spot of shopping for crafts and antiques that sort of place. Where shops are painted in heritage colours with old signs and tables and chairs that adorn the footpath with people drinking lattes. Loch Brewery and Distillery today occupies what was once the town bank and butchers shop. What sets this place apart from the burgeoning microbrewery industry is that it also distils Whisky and Gin. The Loch Gin, Vodka and Whisky sit nicely alongside its range of beers that they produce.

Inside Loch Brewery
Beer paddle at Loch Brewery and Distillery

Loch Brewery

The Brewery opened its door in 2014 to the public after 2 years of retrofitting out the old bank and butchers. The interior reminds me of an old English bar with plenty of tables and brewery vats and equipment on display. A large shelf behind the bar displays the best of what the brewery has to offer while tasting notes on the bar, keep you informed of what you can expect to taste. There is ample seating inside or on a nice day there is a beer garden outside amongst the garden to enjoy the South Gippsland sunshine.

Craft Beer in Loch Gippsland

Their core range of beer consists of traditional English style real ales, Best Bitter, County Ale (an English amber ale) and Dark Ale. The Brewery also produces season beers that you may find on your visit. A Pale Ale was on the menu early in 2018. We had a sample paddle which consists of 4 beers in small glasses just to give you an overview of what the brewery offers.

How to get to Loch Brewery & Distillery

The Aussie distiller Loch Brewery is located 106 kilometres from Melbourne. It will take you 1 hour and 26 minutes. From Melbourne via the Monash Freeway to Pakenham/Koo Wee Rup Rd then onto the South Gippsland Highway.

From Gippsland / Latrobe Valley turn off at Morwell for Mirboo North – Leongatha – Korumburra – South Gippsland Highway and look for the sign to turn off for the Loch Whisky Distillery and brewery.

You can find out more on the Lock Brewery & Distillery Website HERE

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Lake GlenmaggieCowwarr Weir

Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland – Lake Glenmaggie

Where to have a BBQ in Gippsland – Lake Glenmaggie

Where: Lake Glenmaggie Weir Wall reserve

Whats there: At the Lake Glenmaggie weir wall reserve you will find 4 hotplates on 2 different BBQ’s. The BBQs at Lake Glenmaggie in Gippsland are electric and free to use.

There is a shelter shed at the reserve with tables inside to escape any wind and weather on the day. You will also find picnic tables outside for use on a sunny day. The views of the Weir are amazing.

Lake Glenmaggie near Heyfield

Facilities: You will find a kids playground. There is some play equipment, swings and a slide to keep the young ones occupied. There is plenty of open space to kick a ball around or play some cricket.

There are toilets close by with easy access. Inside the shelter shed, you will find an information section. This little room tells you about the history of Glenmaggie Weir from construction through to massive floods and high waters levels throughout its history

The bbq area at Lake Glenmaggie Gippsland
BBQ hot plate at Glnmaggie Weir wall reserve


Location Tip: Glenmaggie Weir Wall reserve is a carry in carrying out location. You won’t find any rubbish bins so bring some plastic bags to put your rubbish in.

How do I get here: 

Lake Glenmaggie Weir Wall reserve can be accessed via Tinamba on the Tinamba – Newry road then turning left onto the Tinamba – Glenmaggie maggie road till your reach Weir road. Follow Weir Road till you see the entry to the reserve. Likewise, from Heyfield follow the Heyfield – Glenmaggie road and turn onto Weir Road.

Accommodation: On the other side of the Lake Glenmaggie is the Glenmaggie Caravan Park. It has sites for caravans and tents. Lake Glenmaggie Caravan Park is popular in the summer months with families. Glenmaggie Weir is popular for water sports such as skiing and jet ski’s.

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camping ground at TimbarraMain street of Heyfield

Woodside Beach from above

Woodside Beach from above

Woodside Beach is located between Sale and Yarram just off the South Gippsland Highway in Gippsland. Woodside beaches lies close to the start of the 90 Mile beach which starts at Port Albert and extends to Lakes Entrance. Woodside Beach is 10 kilometres from the town of Woodside.

At Woodside Beach, you will find a caravan park, bbq area and  Woodside Beach Surf Life Saving Club, which was formed in 1968. The beach is patrolled by volunteers in the summer months. The BBQ area is nice with the beach only 30 or so meters away. There are 2 hot plates which are free and 6 picnic tables to use. A kids playground will keep the little one amused and public toilet facilities available.

Generally, you will find very few people on the beach. You can have this stretch of the 90 Mile Becah to yourself. This destination off the beaten path. Its one of Gippsland’s true unknown spots for most Most visitors to Woodside Beach Gippsland are people staying in the Caravan Park or international tourists who call in for a look in their camper vans.


woodside beach

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Fishing in Seaspray

Fishing in Seaspray

For many people, an afternoon out fishing or even a weekend away to relax and cast a line is the best thing in the world. Fishing in Seaspray can be one of the best spots for a weekend away or an afternoon catching your fresh dinner. There are plenty of options for you to consider when you make a trip to Seaspray.

Where is Seaspray?

Seaspray is a seaside coastal town in East Gippsland. The main part of the town is located right next to the 90-mile beach with perfect fishing conditions for all anglers.

If you head towards Sale in Gippsland along the M1 Seaspray is approximately 2 h 41 min  or232.4 km east of Melbourne. At the first roundabout in Sale coming from Melbourne direction (turn right)

If you are coming from Bairnsdale direction on the Princess Highway head onto the road for the South Gippsland Highway. Continue to Longford and follow the signs to Seaspray.

Where can you go beach fishing in Seaspray?

Many people head to Seaspray for beach fishing. Fishing along the 90-mile beach is something that many will enjoy. Most days with good weather you will see many an angler carting their tools along the beach to the perfect spot.

If you are looking for a little less populated place there are many spots between Seaspray and Golden Beach where you may be lucky enough to have the beach fishing all to yourself.

Some spots to try fishuing out of Seapsray are

Flamingo Beach

Delray Beach

Glomar Beach

Honeysuckles Beach

Can you go freshwater fishing in Seaspray?

fishing jetty on the Merrimans Creek at Seaspray in Gippsland Australia
The jetty at Merrimans Creek

Merrimans Creek at Seaspray is a freshwater creek that runs into the 90-mile beach. You can do a spot of freshwater fishing here and it is a great spot for the kids to go fishing in Seaspray.

From time to time the creek will break through into the ocean. This happens a few times a year and is good for the health of the creek as the weed gets a chance to be washed out.

Fishing pro-tip for Merriman’s Creek:

If the creek is not open to the ocean, walk around the other side of the creek (opposite to the wharf). The water is deeper on that side and yields more fish.

Facilities for fishing at Seaspray

There is a fishing jetty at Seaspray. A picnic and bbq area is located adjacent to the wharf. You can also access the 90 Mile Beach which is 100 meters away. There is plenty of sandy shallow areas around the river for the kids to play while you fish.

bream at seaspray

Type of fish are caught in Seaspray?

It will depend on the weather and the type of bait you are using but the most common fish caught in Seaspray are

  • Black Bream
  • Flounder
  • Yellow Eye Mullet
  • Australian Salmon
  • Luderick

What bait should I use when fishing in Seaspray?

Many people who have a lot of experience with fishing will have a bait they always prefer to use, For any inexperienced fisherman they can pick up some bait at a fishing store or from the general store in Seaspray.

  • Prawns
  • Pippies
  • Soft plastics
  • Sand worm
  • Spider crab

What facilities are in Seaspray for visitors

In Seaspray there is one shop to speak of that sells most things. The general store sells, bait, food, newspapers, groceries, fish n chips and acts as the local post office. You will find Seaspray Caravan Park and the surf lifesaving club. The Seaspray Surf Lifesaving club serves meals and drinks all year round.

In Seaspray there is one shop to speak of that sells most things. The general store sells, bait, food, newspapers, groceries, fish n chips and acts as the local post office. You will find Seaspray Caravan Park and the surf lifesaving club. The Seaspray Surf Lifesaving club serves meals and drinks all year round.

Do you need some accommodation in Seaspray?

Not only is Seaspray a fisherman’s dream it is also a brilliant family friendly getaway in any month of the year. You can holiday in Seaspray and enjoy some family time and a spot of fishing in Seaspray as well.

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Timbarra free camping

Timbarra free camping


Timbarra State Forest

23 kilometres north-west of Buchan, 81km from Lakes Entrance lies a great Gippsland free camping location. Turn towards Buchan off the Bairnsdale Nowa Nowa Road. Turn at the Timbarra sign and take Nunnett Rd and turn onto Timbarra Rd.

The road into the camping ground is sealed for the majority of the way before turning into a gravel road. The gravel section was of good quality when we visited as we were able to easily take a Holden Commoadore into Timbarra caming areas


Firepits, Picnic tables and bush toilets.

Timbarra Camp Site

Things to do at Timbarra:

  • 4 wheel driving
  • Horse Riding
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Motor Biking
  • Mountain Biking and more.

Wildlife is abundant in the area. There is a few Goannas in the area that you may see in the trees if you look close enough. Kangaroos, wombats and possums can be seen during the late evening and early mornings.

Additional Information:

Campfires are permitted, but there are a few rules that need to be followed. The fire is in a fireplace or trench 30 cm deep. The fire pits provided are regulation and are the only areas that fires are allowed on the site. The fire pit is no more than 1 square metre and 3 metres around the fire is cleared.

The fire cannot be left unattended and must be put out before you leave. Collect only fallen wood for fires or bring your own. The cutting down trees or damaging standing vegetation is not permitted.

There are no bins, so all rubbish is carried in and carry out.

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