Gippsland Museums

Gippsland has some unique and award-winning museums. You find everything from Cars to shells, Electricity to forgotten industries like sugar beet. Most of the small and large towns of Gippsland have a museum.

  • World class Heesco street art in Yarram Victoria
    We are proud Gippslanders. Day trips in Gippsland are what we long for, to see more of our beautiful part of the state of Victoria. From mountains to mighty rivers, pristine beaches and old towns we have it all. We try to visit as many Gippsland towns, festivals, markets and local Gippsland attractions as we … Read more
  • Gippsland Vehicle Collection Maffra
    There are many places a town should be proud of and one for us is The Gippsland Vehicle Collection, Maffra Motor Museum. For a small town in Australia with a population of 5,000 people, it is amazing to think that a vehicle collection museum as beautiful and unique as this would call our little town … Read more
  • The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum
    It is rare to find such a small, yet wonderful museum like the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum in Sale, Victoria. Larger War Museums would love to have some of the items that this amazing museum has on display, especially with the stories that go with them from local servicemen and women of Gippsland. This is … Read more
  • The impressive Gippsland Immigration Park & Heritage Walk
    People are well aware of the contribution that immigrants made to the Snowy River project in Gippsland many years ago but our immigration heritage goes much further back than that era. From European immigrants that came to farm Gippsland to the Asian immigrants that came for gold the Gippsland Immigration Park and Heritage Walk is … Read more