The Best of Gippsland

The best of Gippsland page features round-up articles, we have written such as “best Free thing” and “6 best National Parks” in Gippsland. Articles that don’t just focus on the one spot but a number of locations around Gippsland. Gippsland has so much to offer for residents and visitors alike

  • 9 best day trips from Melbourne to Gippsland
    There is so much in Gippsland to discover. When you visit Gippsland you will be spoiled for variety over and over again. From amazing scenery to some of the tastiest food on the planet, day trips from Melbourne to Gippsland will become part of your Victorian holiday itineraries. But where do you start? Gippsland is … Read more
  • 13 best things to do in Gippsland in summer
    Gippsland in summer is all about getting outdoors and exploring. Many of the Gippsland towns are meccas for holiday tourists looking to enjoy a marvellous get away from everyday life. A Gippsland summer delivers many warm, perfect days, making it ideal for summer activities. We have some great suggestions for you to explore Gippslands best … Read more
  • 28 incredible things to do in Gippsland with kids
    Gippsland is a brilliant family travel destination in Australia full of nature, museums, fun, history and excitement for the whole family. Planning a family holiday to Gippsland will be a rewarding experience with all that it has to offer and here we have all the very best things to do in Gippsland with kids. So, … Read more
  • Free things to do in Gippsland
    Gippsland being the vast and diverse place it is you will find so many things to do on any visit to Gippsland. Some of the best attractions are amazing free things to do in Gippsland and they are located all over the region. Gippsland free things are found in forests, art galleries, national parks and … Read more
  • 6 Amazing Gippsland National Parks to visit!
    There are so many National Parks in Gippsland it is hard to know where to start. From National Parks that have thick Australian bush to never-ending oceans, you can’t go wrong with a visit to any of the Gippsland National Parks. Many of these National Parks are popular with locals, day-trippers and international tourists who … Read more
  • Great places to photograph in Gippsland
    Having some local insider knowledge will help you take some epic pictures of Gippsland. Today we feature a guest post from renowned East Gippsland photographer Judy Blion. Judy lives and works on the Gippsland Lakes. I asked Judy to tell us about some great places to photograph in Gippsland. For all the photography buffs out … Read more
  • Flying a drone in Gippsland
    Gippsland, luckily, has beautiful clear skies, plenty of satellites, and amazing locations from the beach through to mountains. Your chances of capturing that epic footage or flamboyant aerial image are very real here in Gippsland. If you plan on flying a drone in Gippsland there are some things you will need to know and luckily … Read more
  • 5 of the best Gippsland Golf Courses
    Golf is a sport close to my heart here at Travels in Gippsland. I spent a large part of my youth, late 30s and early 40’s swinging the big stick at a little white ball on the Golf Courses in Gippsland Australia. Gippsland Golf Courses pose some amazing challenges for golfers of all abilities, from … Read more
  • A family-friendly guide to Gippsland destinations
    Gippsland is the largest region in the state of Victoria Australia and for some, it is the most unknown part of the state. The Gippsland region is also the least populated area of the state and is an amazing region for families to visit with outdoor activities the most popular. There are so many Gippsland … Read more